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Involv Intranet for Not-for-Profit Organization

18 September 2023

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The Client:

A not-for-profit provider based in Ohio, US,

The Needs:

The client, having recently transitioned to Office 365, sought a modern SharePoint intranet solution to streamline communication and enhance engagement. With employees dispersed across multiple locations, the organization required an easy-to-use platform that could centralize internal communications, overcoming the limitations of traditional tools like Email and Microsoft Teams. The client aimed to provide targeted information, including news, events, Covid-19 updates, procedures, and forms, to all employees irrespective of their location or device.

The Challenge:

The organization faced difficulties in maintaining efficient communication and engagement across its diverse workforce. The existing tools were proving inadequate, and the outdated intranet compounded the challenge. A solution was needed to address these communication gaps, accommodate the organization’s growth, and align with their recent adoption of Office 365.

The Solution:

In collaboration with Involv, the client’s intranet project team worked to implement a modern SharePoint intranet solution that addressed the organization’s specific needs. The Involv intranet became the centralized platform for internal communication, enabling management and the internal communication team to efficiently inform all employees, regardless of location or device. The platform allowed easy access to the latest news, events, Covid-19 updates, procedures, and forms.

Involv’s effective information architecture and powerful search capabilities ensured quick access to relevant information. Multiple SharePoint intranet sites were deployed for different business units, ensuring employees accessed content and documents pertinent to their working unit. The Involv analytics center provided valuable insights into intranet usage and user behavior, empowering the organization to enhance internal communication strategies and boost employee engagement.


  • Implementation of a modern Office 365 intranet solution leveraging the latest Microsoft technology.
  • Centralized and easy-to-use platform for communicating and engaging with a large and dispersed workforce.
  • Deployment of multiple SharePoint intranet sites tailored to different business units.
  • Cost-effectiveness with an additional discount through Involv’s donation program for non-profit organizations.

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