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DocStar Migration to OneDrive for an Insurance Firm (1)

DocStar to OneDrive Migration for a Leading Insurance Firm

03 November 2021

DocStar Migration to onedrive for an insurance firm

The Client

Our client, a prominent insurance agency based in the United States, operated an on-premise setup of DocStar.

The Need

With nearly 500GB of crucial data residing within DocStar, our client faced the pressing need to migrate this repository to a more accessible and efficient solution. However, this posed a considerable challenge, as no readily available tool in the market supported this migration. It necessitated reverse engineering of the database and file server structure. Moreover, the existing documents needed to be relocated to the Windows file system, which demanded meticulous extraction and logical grouping into appropriate folders.

The Challenge

There was no tool available in the market to support the migration and needed reverse engineering of the database and file server structure. ​

Additionally, the documents were required to migrate to the Windows file system, and there was no mechanism to extract and group them in appropriate folders.​​​


Star Knowledge stepped in with a tailored solution to tackle these complex migration issues. We embarked on a journey to map the intricate file structure of DocStar to the client’s local file system. It was revealed that the documents in DocStar were fragmented into individual pages, calling for a logical grouping strategy.

Our proposed solution included a comprehensive architectural plan, intelligent grouping into folders, and a phased migration from DocStar to OneDrive, aligning with the required folder structure. The process involved an initial migration to OneDrive, followed by seamless downloading to the local system.


Our efforts yielded significant benefits for our client:
    • All data was successfully retrieved from DocStar and securely archived.
    • Data was meticulously organized, with files grouped into logical folders for easy access and management.
    • Client data was backed up and readily accessible in their OneDrive, enhancing data security and accessibility.

Technology Used

  • Microsoft 365​
  • DocStar
  • OneDrive
  • ShareGate

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