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Auto trading platform

Auto Trade Monitoring Platform for a Large Trading School

03 November 2021

Auto trading platform

The Client

The client is a large trading school.

The Need

The client being a prolific trader with an enormous passion for trade analysis, wanted to build a solution on the mobile that would augment his trading skills through the use of algorithms that track patterns on the Sensex movement. The client required a solution to be initially built upon BSE and NIFTY that could help him track the top 50 select blue chip scripts along with 10+ indicators on each script for a holistic trading experience.

The client wanted to power the app with tips from trade experts as a paid service and would share their insights and trade tips exclusively within the app to help traders make better decisions.

The Challenge

The client needed an application that was light, and agile, and provided updates on the screen in real-time within a seamless experience that would involve tracking each script’s several parameters and their change. This involved processing a large dataset with several trade values.

Additionally, the solution needed to be one that can be scalable for several thousand users accessing the system at the same time requiring extensive backend system design and planning.

  • Relational databases don’t scale well either with high-velocity latency data stores and reads.
  • Evolve a business model to consistently offer dynamic and custom user experience with scripts and indicators of choice with the inclusion of other trade markets in the near future
  • Handle several thousands of users with anticipated users growing 100x within the first 2 years of launch or potential acquisition by a trading company or a bank.

The Solution

Star Knowledge understood the challenges and constraints involved with the business and planned a scalable backend system and a dynamic UX to offer a seamless trading experience. Star Knowledge built mobile apps on Native Android and iOS along with SignalR for real-time data updates from Equity, F&O, and MCX trade markets. The mobile application involved integrating a payment gateway to purchase trade advisory services and a real-time push notification center that manages your trade monitors, your buy-ins, or sell-outs in real-time within a certain threshold defined by the clients.

The mobile solution supports more than 10 indicators to be monitored on the application from each market along with historical data plots and analysis for detailed analysis for each script. The advisory services would be sent out as push notifications to the device as well as shown on the app notification center for the users.

Additionally, Star Knowledge builds integrated RSS feeds to provide real-time info from different financial datasets for real-time inputs on scripts of choice.

The backend system was developed using Java and Cassandra for storing larger datasets with low latency and higher throughput and the solution was hosted on Azure.


  • Built a trade ecosystem that offered experience like no other solution in the market and flexibility across different scripts and markets.
  • Delivered a highly responsive and scalable system deployed across several thousands of users and agents.
  • Seamless customer experience with real response time, triggers, and advisory services.
  • Design supported to scale to any market globally

Technology Used

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Azure
  • Cassandra
  • SendGrid
  • Maven
  • Java
  • SignalR
  • Firebase Services
  • Google Charts

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