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Why to choose Power BI

Top Seven Reasons to Choose Microsoft Power BI

27 Jan 2022

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Business leaders who are always wondering about the best solutions to make decisions better will always prefer Microsoft Power Bi because of its ability to collect data, model data, and visualize data that helps decision-makers predict the end result.

As a business data visualizer Power BI tool provides a greater opportunity for business leaders to visualize an enormous amount of data by connecting different data sources and building reports, visualizations, and personalized dashboards around it.

Choose Microsoft Power BI

One can find multiple reasons to pick Microsoft Power BI as their solution finder yet there are top reasons to answer – Why to Choose Microsoft Power BI?

  1. Intuitive data insights: Ability to connect to the different data sources, collect and model data, accessibility to build custom visualizations based on queries enables organizations to build better insights on the entire data available. By using Microsoft Power BI users can generate sharable reports and custom dashboards to drive a whole new storytelling experience.
  2. Connect to data from anywhere: With different accessibility options available from Microsoft like prebuilt or custom connectors to connect & interact with the data enables access to information where users can leverage Power BI solution for quick data addition, analysis, and visualization from anywhere to make decisions on the go.
  3. Instant analytics and predictions: The combination of Power BI with Azure synapse analytics enables users to query a huge amount of information and single service scenario to the entire process of handling data for immediate data predictions and business intelligence.
  4. Cost-effective: Microsoft is providing a free desktop version of Power BI for enterprises to make use of data effectively while Power BI pro of cloud version is at affordable price and custom costing options.
  5. Collaborative: The ability to share reports with fellow users or in the team boosts collaboration and productivity in the workplace along with access to Power BI dashboards and reports from anywhere and on any device will boost collaboration in the team.
  6. Report automation: Microsoft users can leverage Power platform tools like Power Automate, and Power Apps for the data addition, modeling, and viewing reports in mobile apps while automating the tasks of data processing, reporting, and sharing with the help of Power Automate.
  7. High ROI:  Microsoft Power BI is an affordable data analytics tool opening an enormous business opportunity with higher ROI when compared to other analytics tools for business and thus it is considered a wise decision from business leaders to choose Power BI from Microsoft.
  8. Artificial intelligence: Users of Power BI may use text analytics and picture recognition, build machine learning models, and interface with Azure Machine Learning.

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