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PowerApps new enhancements and Increased Capabilities

Power Apps New Enhancements and Increased Capabilities

18 Feb 2022

Microsoft PowerApps features

Every year, Power Apps comes with new ideas to tune the design and improve its AI model to make ideas work better for its developers.

On January 11, 2022, Power Apps has shared the latest updates on the Power Apps ideas that include writing power Fx formulas with natural language.

Let me share some of the latest Power Apps ideas with new enhancements and Increased Capabilities,

Transforming natural language to formulas,

• Improved support for more data sources: Previously Data source connections were only limited to Dataverse, but with the latest features, power apps have provided expanded support by allowing to use Power Apps ideas with galleries and data tables connected to the data sources such as SharePoint and Excel.

• Supports in more ways to filter the data table: The Latest features allow filtering the data table in more ways. Filter by choice columns, yes/no columns are supported with more data querying scenarios.

• Enhanced understanding of natural language: There has been significant improvement in the Power Apps AI model to make it smarter and understand more natural inputs. This feature provides an experience with the natural language.

• Improved UI to provide formula suggestions: The new feature provides formula suggestions displayed on the cards, and they have focused on providing the natural language description of the functions of the formula. This helps the makers to understand and review the results.

• Increased region and Language availability: More makers can now benefit from programming by example, because Power Apps have rolled out its feature to all the regions and languages.

• Improved results from the formulas: Microsoft has made significant improvements in the power apps AI model by providing the same functionality they could make the resulting formula suggestions less complex. Simplifying complex formulas helps to enhance the performance significantly, but also makes it easier to understand and maintain the formula.

Futuristic Power Apps ideas

Transforming natural language to formulas:Power Apps continue to add more support for more scenarios, like generating formulas to manipulate the content of a label, changing color and visibility based on conditions, support filter by lookup columns. • Microsoft is continuously improving the model so that it can give accurate suggestions by understanding the natural language queries. • They are focusing on improving the discoverability and usability of ideas, so Power Platform will become handier and easier to use. • Power Apps improved the quality of the models to provide accurate, simple formulas. • Power Apps are now improved to tune the results by providing an alternate solution when the proposed formula would not meet your current needs.

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