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future of mobile app development

Single code base mobile app development

26 Aug 2021

Single code base application

Single code base application is considered the future of mobile app development and has become a household topic in the app industry. Businesses are focusing on this application for the sole reason that its unique feature of providing single code applications to multiple app platforms in less time with reduced price makes it a win-win situation for both app owners and developers.

There is an image in the market that says single-codebase applications are lower in quality, but with the new and improved technologies, you can get high-quality mobile applications similar to native apps.

Below are some major listed frameworks that are prominently used by leading mobile app development companies to develop future applications,

  • Flutter
  • Xamarin
  • React Native
  • Adobe Phone Gap
  • Qt
  • Sencha
  • jQuery Mobile

Is the single code base app future of mobile app development?

The answer is yes, when you can get mobile apps with a single code comfortably, why choose android and iOS frameworks separately? If you are targeting both platforms separately, you are burning your pockets.

Why do you need a single code base app development for your future mobile application?

The single code base is being predicted to be the future of mobile app development and has been setting a new trend in the market because of its balanced pros for both developers and investors.

Below mentioned points suggest how you can benefit from future mobile applications,
  1. Hassle-free Implementation:

    Planning to build an app on both android and iOS platforms? Don’t worry about choosing separate platforms as it needs multiple codes, is time-consuming, and costs too much.

    This is where flutter a revolutionary cross-platform framework flutters to your rescue. A single code base for iOS and Android allows you to get the app at reduced development time and cost, clearly giving a win-win situation for you and mobile app development companies.

  2. UI Uniformity across multiple devices:

    With the users using different devices and operating systems, a single code base application development framework helps to give a uniform user experience across all the devices and OS. Even mobile app developers can develop the apps with less effort and users will be more satisfied with a consistent experience.

  3. Increased Market Reach:

    If you are opting for native apps, you are limiting your market reach because only the users of a specific platform can use the app. By opting for a single code-based app you can reach the broader market in less time and provide access to all the users by limiting your spending. So that both mobile app developers and mobile app owners can benefit by developing an app at less time and reduced cost.

  4. Efficient Maintenance:

    Single code base apps are much easier to maintain when compared with multiple applications. The bug fixes, errors, and updates are done conveniently and effectively compared to multiple mobile applications.

  5. Cloud Integration:

    Developers can integrate a single codebase application with the plugins on the cloud to increase the functionality and to provide a greater user experience.


Cross-platform single code base applications are the future of mobile app development, that caters to the needs of app developers, app owners, businesses, small entrepreneurs at less time and low cost, by providing a better user experience.

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