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artificial Intelligence in mobile apps

Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps | Benefits of AI

08 Sep 2021

artificial intelligence in mobile apps

Artificial Intelligence(AI) in mobile apps has become a hot topic to explore and for the growth of the business industry. The constantly changing features and ability to handle massive data have given businesses an opportunity to ace the cutthroat competition in a hassle-free way.

Now, with the help of Artificial Intelligence(AI), algorithms are developed for a specific task are smarter, and work efficiently. For example, specific task like QR codes help customers to get the required information at ease or make payments quickly based on the type of QR code scanner. It is used to provide a customer support experience to the clients with the help of bots.

Machine learning is used to increase brand awareness and promote sales, making the life of business owners simple and easy by allowing them to access the information they need at their fingertips.

Key Features and benefits of adopting Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps:

Adopting Voice Recognition/ Speech Assistant: 

Nowadays, voice recognition/assistant tools are becoming an integral part of the mobile application. With the help of this innovative technology, businesses can keep the visitors engaging and will communicate with the visitors and provide answers to the related queries at their convenience.

With the help of AI chatbots, mobile apps can carry out up to 70% to 80% of conversation with accuracy, and companies can also spend less on human resources or engage these human resources in other activities.

Some of the best examples of popular speech recognition tools found in mobile apps are Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, giving users the best experience with relevant information.

Using Facial Recognition:

Facial recognition is one of the best AI technologies used by mobile apps. It works similar to face-lock that is used to unlock mobile phones. This feature is mostly used by security-conscious people who want to secure their data, presence of this tool in mobile apps helps to win the confidence of the customers by assuring that their data is safe, and no one can access their data without their permission.

Public sector, security and defense sector, healthcare, banking and finance, hospitality, retail, and marketing, uses this technology to safeguard the sensitive information of the people.

A few examples of face recognition apps are Luxand, Applock, Blippar, Face app.

Helps Determine Landmarks:

Integrating Artificial intelligence(AI) in mobile applications along with maps helps people find business locations and their branches. It also helps the people to determine traffic and the best feasible way to reach the particular store.

The best example is google maps. This AI apps are helping millions of people to determine traffic along the route, providing data with improved accuracy using collected data.

It also helps the business owners to list on the map enabling the customers to find nearby stores, which helps businesses to increase their sales.

Automated Stock Trading:

Stock trading has become a trending topic nowadays, and everyone wants to learn about investing and complex trading. They also need suggestions and analysis at their fingertips.

But thanks to artificial intelligence applications that are helping both stockbrokers and traders by giving a whole new level of experience by providing professional and advanced strategies to newbie traders effortlessly.


Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps is evolving day by day, and its increasing trend ensures it will not disappear  soon. So, if you want to get your new AI app developed, contact us, and get your app built by integrating artificial intelligence frameworks.

Equipping mobile apps with AI helps to give a personalized experience to existing users to keep them engaged by tracking user behavior, and new users are attracted by providing the best features.

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