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Create a Mobile App Prototype or Mockup before Developing It

20 APR 2021

mobile app prototyping

Looking to start building your mobile? Don’t jump in right away. Most of us just get started thinking the application idea is a blockbuster and will surely be the star in the marketplace. However, after spending thousands, people realize that the idea could have been better tested or validated before jumping in and spending hard-earned savings from your pocket.

Start with a prototype that has a clear objective on the app prototype and learn how to make full use of mobile app prototyping because these aspects of your mobile app development life cycle will pay off in the long run.

What is Mobile App Prototype?

Primarily, a working app is visualized with the help of a prototype before developing, hence a prototype will assist – visionaries to present their ideas in front of the investors, service providers to present the outcomes of a mobile app to developers, users, or project owners before they developed. Let there be numerous objectives behind a project but, presenting a mockup model will always benefit you in having a clear picturization of the project outcome.

Why Mobile App Prototyping?

Need of a prototype before developing it – A model of your vision will better display the abstract ideas that uncover positive and negative effects it could attain from the customer point of view that saves a lot of your efforts and money in designing MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Benefits of Prototyping a mobile app:

Prototyping an app will help investors to predict the result because making an app that compels users needs proper designing and thought process. Hence, you should make a wise decision by considering app prototyping before processing app development. Benefits of building a mockup app or app prototyping.

  • A prototype of your mobile app will give a complete idea of how the app will be built with an overview of its functionalities and responsiveness, prototype also helps you explore new ideas and identify improvements.
  • Help you save a lot of money and time, as you need to hire developers, and then releasing for users will consume a lot of your time and money to know the feedbacks and drawbacks as a prototype could avoid all of these things.
  • A mockup app will be similar to a developed app in which you can get a clear understanding of the flow of the app by using it and learn how your idea works.
  • Developing an app is a tiresome job for people who want to showcase their vision, idea, or plan to attract investors. Hence a prototype will help in having your idea ready within few days either by yourself or by outsourcing.
  • An app prototype will give a concept pitch like what is going to build and how it is going to be built.
  • A prototype saves your cost in the long run.
  • client and stakeholder involvement in the planning process prevents experimenting with alternate solutions
  • Mobile app testing i.e., you can have your app completely tested before it’s built and released. Where you can run a thorough test of your prototype application for its functional and integrational behavior in addition to collecting the reviews of your users, you can make necessary changes or alterations in the app.

Before developing an app, consider making a prototype of your project and scrutinize the below recommendations:

  • Design a paper sketch of your app. 
  • Create a wireframe of the App with free tools available in the market (ex: adobe XD,) 
  • Spy on your competitors if any.
  • Design your app ideas with the help of ready to use templates and UI tools
  • Develop a prototype of your app by yourself or third-party service providers.
  • Test the mobile app prototype completely and collect reviews from your stakeholders or users.
  • Have your App developed.

Top Tools for App Prototyping:

app prototype tools list

Even a few things need to be considered before developing an app to avoid post issues like bad UI, bugs, and app crashes.

  • Don’t neglect to push the complete idea on your prototype
  • Don’t neglect to conduct thorough app testing.
  • Don’t neglect the UI designs 
  • Consider genuine feedbacks, store ratings, and reviews.

The right consultant would provide valuable feedback on your app prototype with experienced usability and team testing making you come across all the scenarios of success and failures your app can experience after the release. Contact us for any assistance in designing app prototypes and mobile app development.

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