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flutter prototyping

Flutter prototyping for rapid mobile application development.

18 SEP 2020

Flutter prototyping

Confused with the technology platform to build your prototype and test your market potential, test waters, or even attract investors? Flutter prototyping is a big break for those who want to build their apps for both android and IOS quickly in a cost-effective approach. Positioned as one of the fastest-growing development platforms, Flutter and Dart have become the hot cake in the developing world with their flexibility and near-native application performance.  

Flutter is a UI toolkit from google used to design beautiful mobile applications in a single code base or a single programming language that supports both android and IOS. With prototyping in Flutter, you will have the ability to build mobile applications faster and stabler with nearly 50% time and cost savings by its ready-to-use and easily customizable widgets. 

Today, Flutter has attracted large companies too and Google Ads, Hamilton, Xianyu by Alibaba are the top apps that are built using the flutter framework, wherein in other corners, many of the startups are now mostly using Flutter prototyping for Rapid mobile application development. 

Flutter prototyping Features:

  1. Fast development and cost-effectiveness: Flutter provides easy-to-use widgets which avoid tedious tasks of app development that in return helps in rapid mobile Application development. Apps built on flutter relatively required much lower time to develop a mobile app that gives a native performance in both android and IOS. And hence cost-effective because of its one code for both apps (android and IOS) nature. When comparing flutter app development costs with the other platforms, using Flutter for app development cuts application development costs nearly to 50% and maintenance costs to 20% are the reasons, why to choose flutter.
  1. Debugging apps with real time-reloadsFlutter provides the capability to support hot reloads to help its developers look at the real-time changes that happen on the mobile app without the need for compilation after changes they do in order to fix the bugs or to make changes in UI. This is the most valuable feature Flutter is providing to save time spent on developing or redesigning the mobile application.
  2. Flutter Widgets: Either customizable or usable flutter widgets that are creatively designed are the game changer when it comes to the matter of increasing user experience and faster mobile application development. To help the process of rapid application development flutter comes with a considerable widget library along with material and Cupertino in their widgets to support both IOS and Android UIs. Flutters Material widgets are made for Android apps and Cupertino for IOS apps that meet IOS standards of human interactive designs. These widgets are simpler to use and decrease nearly 50% of the time acquired to develop an app in a native platform which could also be cost-effective.
  1. Testing: Testing is the main part when it comes to measuring the success of the mobile application developed, as testers do end-to-end testing for their apps there are some chances of missing out on testing simple or small UIs which may refer to bad user experience after the app made live. Yes, even though mobile app testing is needed for the apps developed from the flutter there are fewer chances to miss out on testing UIs as they are widgets, and hence there is a smaller number of testing are required to ensure a better user experience. 

Conclusion: The flutter app development framework has many advantages and helps the process of rapid mobile app development.  

    • Developing a mobile app that supports all OS (Android, IOS, Windows)
    • Reduced time consumption in app development
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Faster time to market
    • Enhanced user experience
    • reduced maintenance cost
    • Hot reloads

Planning to have your app prototype builtContact us to have a feature-rich, highly responsive app built in less time.

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