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Apps with negative reviews

Mobile App Development for Apps with Bad Review

8 DEC 2020

Mobile app development

Negative reviews – are not really negative! it is an opportunity for you to redesign and revamp your low-performing app and keep it updated with trends and technology binding with users’ Interests and requirements. Anyhow, at the end of the day our focus is to have loyal users.

In reality! with increased app installations and the number of users, mobile apps are bringing in more traffic and revenue to businesses. According to one of the reports from Statista customer spending on google play store and Apple store is growing. Spending on apps has been improved to around 67 billion since 2018, further expected to account for 115 billion by 2024. So, reviews in the app store criticizing your build could really affect your business drastically.

apps with negative reviews

Source: Statista

Are you facing bad app reviews? Don’t worry, there are some tricks and tips to be followed to handle negative feedback in the app stores (Even the apple app store has launched its new version enabling its merchants to answer user reviews), before trying to manage bad apps for escape from low star ratings and negative responses compare with the following tips and make sure you have your app customer ready before presenting Infront of them. People with great ideas and wrong implementations would always wonder – how to improve app ratings, reviews, and responses in store. Think! is your app developed as per your thoughts?

  • Is your app got user-friendly UI / UX designs?
  • Is your app got a proper technology stack?
  • Does your mobile app fit user intentions?
  • Is your app getting the right APIs?
  • Is your APP tested properly?
  • Do you have the right maintenance and support?

Consider the above tips and hire a proper android or IOS development team, build or rebuild the existing mobile apps not only to acquire reviews but also for better customer engagements. because bad app reviews will hinder your growth.

Development and maintenance of apps are two faces of the same coin, may you have the beautiful app developed but maintenance and support come into play when you really want to value your traditional users’ feedback and update changes as per users’ interests and usage.

As we know that no app can be perfect, we need to manage poor reviews and low ratings in-app store by reaching out to users, responding to their queries, and resolving issues they faced with mobile phone apps. In this way, it will help apps to gain more positive ratings and user loyalty – in return scoring more SEO results in App stores with the hike in installs and app lovers.

Microsoft Healthcare software

Source: Apptamin

Why do you need to improve your bad app performance in-store? However, the data from the above graph shows you how app ratings and comments in the play store or apple app store matter for achieving more app installs. Where 77% of free users and 80% of paid users will review ratings and feedbacks before they install or buy any app.

Have a customer-friendly mobile app. Experts in Mobile App development like star knowledge having plenty of satisfied customers can have your app built, maintained, and supported precisely to achieve you better performing apps gaining users’ attention in the mobile App Store.  Contact us to share your feedback.

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