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Valo Intranet's End-of-Life

Star Knowledge: Navigating Valo Intranet’s End-of-Life

01 November 2023

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Star Knowledge Empowers Organizations Navigating Valo Intranet’s End-of-Life with Innovative Solutions

As the sunset approaches for Valo Intranet, organizations worldwide face the challenge of transitioning seamlessly to alternative intranet solutions. Star Knowledge, a distinguished Microsoft Gold Partner and Solutions Provider, stands at the forefront, ready to guide enterprises through this transformative journey.

The imminent end-of-life for Valo Intranet on July 31, 2025, has presented a reality that organizations cannot ignore and need to take action now to mitigate their data and compliance risks. With Valo Intranet now in maintenance mode, organizations are grappling with the truth that critical bug fixes are the only updates on the horizon.

Valo’s End-of-Life Challenges:

  • Security Vulnerabilities: With Valo reaching its end-of-lifev, your organization may face heightened security risks.
  • Compliance Concerns: The conclusion of Valo’s lifecycle could expose your operations to compliance challenges.
  • Performance Issues: The aging system may lead to performance degradation, impacting your overall efficiency.
  • Productivity Risks: Operational disruptions may occur, posing a threat to your organization’s productivity.
  • Reliability Challenges: The reliability of Valo becomes a concern, potentially affecting the seamless functioning of your operations.

What Can Star Knowledge Do to Ease Your Valo Intranet Migration?

Star Knowledge alleviates this pain point with a strategic and comprehensive solution: a free Valo Migration scan. This innovative tool, collaboratively designed with industry experts, equips organizations with crucial insights into the complexity of migrating from the Valo Intranet.

The scan not only identifies areas that seamlessly transition but also pinpoints those requiring additional attention. It provides a detailed summary of sites, pages, and associated web parts, establishing the foundation for a clear migration plan. Star Knowledge’s commitment to a smooth transition aligns seamlessly with industry best practices and Microsoft’s evolving standards.

A recent case study highlights the success of Star Knowledge’s approach in assisting a major venture capital organization in overcoming the challenge of replacing Valo. By leveraging Star Knowledge’s expertise, the project ensured data preservation, business continuity and achieved a notable 30% licensing cost savings.

For a more in-depth exploration of this case study, read more here.

Star Knowledge invites organizations to proactively navigate Valo Intranet’s end-of-life changes. Unlock the potential with our Free Valo Migration Scan, discovering an efficient and collaboration-optimized path forward. Contact us to embark on this journey.

About Star Knowledge

Star Knowledge is a software services and solutions provider that delivers high-value results to business and public sector organizations globally, ensuring a level of certainty and quality unrivaled in the industry. We offer a full spectrum of customized software development and support services, Cloud-based IaaS and SaaS solutions, open-source solutions, Microsoft, Salesforce, eCommerce solutions, and emerging technology business solutions for the replacement of legacy systems and introduction of additional mission-critical capabilities.

Star Knowledge’s robust and well-proven ‘best-practice’ centric project standards, methodologies, and tools, consolidate decades of multiple business and technical domain expertise and competencies within client projects. Applying a formalized and consistent approach, Star Knowledge business and technical consultants collaborate closely with project stakeholders within well-defined and agreed-on parameters to complete projects on time, within budget, with total quality, and in total alignment with the client’s unique business and technical requirements.

For more information, please contact (PRESS ONLY):

Sheetal Mehta, Chief Marketing Officer,

Anuj Mehta, Director of Tech and Strategic Alliances,


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