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Valo Intranet is Being Discontinued – What Now?

16 November 2023

SharePoint Migration

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern workplace solutions, change is inevitable. For those accustomed to the Valo Intranet, the recent announcement of its discontinuation by July 31, 2025, necessitates a strategic shift for organizations and Valo certified partners alike. This shift not only prompts reflection on the end of an era but also sparks an exploration of superior alternatives that align with the dynamic needs of the contemporary workplace.

What is meant by the End-of-Life of Valo?

The Valo End-of-Life signifies the cessation of support for Valo Intranet and Valo Connect. Scheduled for July 31, 2025, this milestone puts both platforms into maintenance mode, limiting updates to critical bug fixes only.

Why Valo Is Being Discontinued

The Staffbase Acquisition

In a strategic move, Staffbase, a prominent player in internal communications, acquired Valo Solutions in November 2021. This acquisition aimed to bolster Staffbase’s communication platform, leading to the discontinuation of Valo Intranet and Valo Connect.

What Does This Mean for Existing Valo Customers?

Valo users can continue utilizing the platform until July 31, 2025. However, no further updates will be provided. Staffbase extends an option for a transition to their communications platform. Other providers also offer compelling alternatives, ensuring a smooth transition.

About Star Knowledge Intranet Solutions:

At Star Knowledge, we specialize in intranet solutions, ensuring seamless integration across all platforms. Drawing from extensive expertise, we enhance intranet capabilities and elevate user experiences. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology empowers organizations to navigate the evolving landscape of the digital workplace with efficiency.

A key component of our offerings is the Star Knowledge Valo Adoption and Migration Assessment Tool. This meticulously designed tool streamlines the assessment process, aiding organizations in evaluating their current intranet setup and readiness for migration. With a dedicated focus on Microsoft’s standards, our solutions seamlessly integrate into the Microsoft Teams app, ensuring a comprehensive and streamlined modern workplace experience.

The Valo Adoption and Migration Assessment Tool from Star Knowledge provides a roadmap for a smooth migration process. It enables organizations to identify areas for improvement, assess adoption readiness, and strategize the migration process effectively. By leveraging this tool, we assist in creating a customized plan aligned with your organization’s goals, ensuring a successful transition to a more advanced and efficient intranet solution.

At Star Knowledge, our commitment revolves around helping you maximize the potential of your digital workplace. Our expertise and tools, such as the Valo Adoption and Migration Assessment, empower you to enhance intranet capabilities and ensure a seamless migration experience.


The Valo intranet discontinuation marks a pivotal moment for organizations utilizing this solution. As a Valo certified partner, we are dedicated to assisting you in making informed decisions for your modern workplace needs. Explore the alternatives mentioned above, align them with your company’s goals, and contact us for a seamless transition towards a more robust and future-proof intranet solution.

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