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Mobile Application

Mobile Application Development | Star Knowledge Case study

8 FEB 2018

Mobile Application


Our client is an outsource partner for multi-channel commerce and relationship marketing.  Based out of South Africa, they were providing custom application development services on web and mobile

Clients concocted a thought

The client wanted to build the Whisky Live Application on iPhone and iPad for the Whisky festival which was taking place in Johannesburg and Cape town every year. The application will feature functionality to dynamically read and write data to the Whisky Live database.  Such functionality is dependent on Whiskey Live providing the necessary web services and database exposure where required.

The purpose of the application is to allow the user get interesting information about whiskey and the Whiskey Live Festival.


The challenge here was to build the app on a cross platform with required features and on a limited time.  Also, to publish this app before the festival so that the users can start using the application.

What we proposed

To address the time limit challenge, it was proposed to develop the app in 3 phased development i.e., Pre Whisky Live Event, Whisky Live Event and Post Whisky Live Event.

After due diligence, Appcelerator Titanium was the tool that was identified and utilized to construct smartphone application. Modules were built and verified on simulator available with the tool.  The app made use of the web services to read and write from the database.

Results & benefits obtained

The key benefits realized by the Client as a result of the successful project include:
  • Successful launch of application within a given time frame to meet their go to market strategy
  • The users were able to click picture via the app and post it on their social media networks

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