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Football Scorecard Mobile Application | Star Knowledge

8 FEB 2018

Mobile Application


The client is South Africa-based multinational mobile telecommunications company, operating in many African, European and middle Eastern countries. They offer voice and data communications products and services to individuals and businesses. Our client has been supporting various activities and sports as their strategy to build brand. In 2005, they launched a web portal dedicated to Football and from then on, they have been sponsoring many prestigious football events in the country. It offers the most comprehensive, real time web and mobile coverage of African football and a wide view of football in Europe and the rest of the world.

Clients concocted a thought

The Client wanted to monetise the investment that has been made in web portal to date and to leverage the position that it has established within the African football community. The intention is to build a mobile application that will enhance the brand footprint and extend its reach to both the high value smartphone market globally, and the substantial feature phone market in Africa.  They wanted to extend the portal offering and revenue generating potential to off-net customers and to deliver and bill for value added services over the top.

The app was required to run on as wide a range of devices as possible, from high end smartphones to mid-range feature phones. The operating systems that we would like to support are

  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iOS :- iPhone and iPad
  • Symbian
  • Windows Mobile
The other critical need for the application included
  • Maintaining live Score Card for different tournaments and games
  • Have Local & Push Notification capability to update users with latest news
  • Needed Social Media integration
  • Business Intelligence reports such as no. of app downloads, no. of logins, time spent, country etc.,


Some of the main challenges developing this application were
  • Designing the UI as the application had to provide similar look and feel across multiple devices and platforms irrespective of the screen size
  • Development of application on lower end devices
  • The biggest challenge was being to the application before the AFON 2013. Phase 1 was completed in just 11 days of time period

What we proposed

The Star Knowledge Technical Team proposed a cross platform mobile application using RHO mobile & PhoneGap to develop the solution that will work on all major mobile operating platforms.  This was a three layered application i.e., Database à Webservices à Mobile Application.

The application consisted of the following features
  • Consist of options for View Tournament Details, Team Details , Player Details and Live Actions
  • Live Actions consist of Live score updates and Live Commentary
  • Photo Gallery of Tournament, Team, Player and Match Photo

Results & benefits obtained

The key benefits realized by the Client as a result of the successful project include:
  • The live actions provided the live commentary /live news of the match events from anywhere while roaming
  • Details of Team standing, Team profile, News, Top scorer, Results of the match were handy always

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