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Tips and Tricks to Shape Your Application Successful

Tips and Tricks to Shape Your Application Successful

20 AUG 2018

Tips and Tricks to Shape Your Application

Do you know what really matters for building a successful application in today’s competitive marketing field? Today’s competitive generation has very much expectations for all their needs. so, to be successful we must take it into account and build their needs into a platform. Also, the application you built should contain all the features that the user deserves, its quality, resolution, how different is their application from others if it is related to the same idea, how secure the information or the data that is been accessed using the application, how much is it attractive when it comes to the graphics used to frame the application and how much the framed application is capable of remain in use. Each of the tips mentioned is being explained in an easier way for your better understanding below;

Important tips and tricks you must know in general before launching your apps in the market.

What is a success when it comes to the progress of an application built?

In deep, we must know that today’s marketing field has got a lot of competitors in almost all sectors. According to the findings, 21% of users use the applications they have or want daily, 80% do not use the applications they have installed after three months, only 3.2% of iOS apps and 3.3% of Android apps were still actively used and 23% of users uninstalled the app they downloaded after only one use and 29.1% of Android phone users downloaded apps and allowed them to remain on their phones for about a day. So, in such a competitive world, you must be reachable to the users so that they can get you to add some features they are expecting with the available feature which makes your application to be more active throughout with them. This usage of your application is not being uninstalled makes your application successful. Hence, the usefulness of your application for them matters here.

Do u know why Most people uninstall apps? Application update


Usually, this happens due to some of the following reasons;

  1. Your application’s storage issue
  2. The features they wanted
  3. The quality they expected
  4. Application’s version with the best operation
  5. Attractiveness in the design of the application or the best graphics of your application gives them a real experience with respect to the field/ idea you developed.

What is the first and foremost thing that the user investigates about your application?

While launching your application on your desired platforms available like Android, iOS, etc., you must keep some points in mind that the complete information you provide in the description will disclose your best features and differences with respect to other applications. since in Android and other platforms only 2-3 lines of description are seen until the read-more is tapped, it’s very necessary to catch them with their requirements in this 2-3 lines. Also, the users check the app’s rating and its reviewing to make themselves conform to use the app as per their need.

If you are planning to build an application to make it successful, get some idea through this survey, which makes you clear which field of application the user prefers and uses the most

mobile Application modernization

Source: smartinsights

Some of the tips you must keep in your mind

  1. When it comes to storage, the user always peeps into your application’s storage consumption. Because the storage always matters before his real experience of your application. so, for this, you should build an application of your idea in such a way that the programming made for your application has all the features needed for the user better than the other applications along with the best way of dealing with the storage issue above said.
  2. With regards to the user’s real experience, the graphics made for your application should make them impressed. The graphics used will make the user uncontrollable for being not used by it along with its best features.
  3. At present, 3.8 million apps are available in Android (Play Store) which is the first largest app store and Apple’s app store has 2 million apps available which remains the second-largest app store. So, the application you are going to develop must be the best of the available and upcoming applications to remain with the user.

Here is the statistics graph explaining the number of publishers in different application publishing platforms

mobile Application


  1. Upon providing all these features you need to keep up with the modifications or extra the reviewer searching for and update the app now and then with the best you can provide in your application means that the better advancement in your app with the impressive features makes them catchy with your application.
  2. When it comes to some professional applications or secret applications the user uses, and generally dealing with all the application fields the security provided really matters. Hence the app must be more secure and must be accessed only upon the user’s request. So, even though your applications have not fulfilled the user demand the security to their documents or files or any other important things can make you (your app) remain in their use. For Example, if you are building an application like interfacing with the user’s bank account and the respective user, accurate access to her/his account with few strong data members (like name, account number, password, OTP generation, etc.,) keeps their personal info. secured and confidential.

Hence keep this all in your mind before going to launch your applications in the market. And have any doubts after your post-launch, how can you sustain the momentum and prevent your app from dipping under the radar?

Below is the best answer for your next step.
  • Paid advertising
  • Outsource your project to the best app developers to Support and maintain
  • Continue to engage with users through SEO

Looking for more details about tips and tricks for post-launch apps to make your business app successful? Please contact us, we are here to help you.

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