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SharePoint Online Solution

SharePoint Site Collection Restructuring and Design

6 FEB 2018SharePoint Online Solution

The Client

The client is a mid-sized Cloud Migration services provider located in North America.

The Need

The client is a mid-sized cloud migration and consulting services provider based in the United States, serving Fortune 500 companies, make their transition from managing their existing workloads to the cloud. With Client having several projects to manage, they needed a custom solution that would enable easier management of the project deliverable, project documents, reports and all related content with a custom workflow to enable smarter and faster collaboration with their diverse remote teams.

The Challenge

The client needed a modern SharePoint Online Solution with modern and better User Interface and navigation to manage all documents, events, and reports. Additionally, the client needed to configure and set up several different site collections based on the related groupings of subsites to set up appropriate security and user roles.

The client already had several hundred sites in their existing deployment and the entire structure was based on Folder Structure and had minimal metadata and meta-tag usage. Additionally, most of the users of the subsite mapped their local network drives with their sites making the management and even searching for required content a tedious task.

Also, with the client delivering solutions to several customers across the US and with teams operating out of several parts of the work, bringing about a revolutionary change in their existing work habits.

The Solution

Star Knowledge delivered a solution for the client enabling all the SharePoint users to be able to bring in the best practices of SharePoint online to collaborate and improvise productivity.

The solution involved redesigning the complete hierarchy of site collections and subsites involved with a base template with for each-site that would be created. Each sub-site provided had several folders bound by the Meta-tags to manage the usability and accessibility of the content with personalized views to capture the required data parameters.

With proven experience in custom SharePoint workflow design and development services, the experienced consultants at Star Knowledge delivered the tailored solution keeping business-specifics in mind. Several custom Sharepoint workflows were designed to ensure total collaboration amongst all the stakeholders in managing content, events and document approvals complete with integration of a digital signature module. Custom alerts and notifications were set up at the SharePoint library and document level to ensure all concerned stakeholders were made aware of any modifications to the library. Additionally, with several users accessing the system, SharePoint versioning control was set up to ensure content backup.

Benefits Obtained 

  • Easier Navigation and Distributed Administration experience with organized shared libraries and group calendar
  • Automated Custom Workflows and File sync based on user permissions
  • Faster search and personalized views
  • Easier to manage security settings for the entire site collection.


Looking for a similar solution? Or is the case not like yours? With a decade’s experience in Microsoft Solutions, Star Knowledge and its team of time-tested consultants have rendered exceptional SharePoint consulting services, custom SharePoint development, and SharePoint migration services to customers from a wide range of industries. Get in touch with our SharePoint consultants to discuss your project.

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