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PowerApps portal for Investment-Management

Power Apps for Investment Management and Portfolio Company

10 June 2023

PowerApps portals for investment management company

The Client

The Client is a prominent financial portfolio management firm based in South Asia.

The Need

The client had been managing several custom portfolios within their SharePoint environment and with an increasing number of customers and documentation, the client was looking at a more inclusive solution that can allow internal users and external users to access and collaborate as compared to SharePoint which was becoming a challenge to manage external users.


The client had been using SharePoint document libraries, SharePoint list, and other features on their sites quite extensively. They wanted to scale their solution to allow easier access for external stakeholders while having more granular control. The client had several customers whose portfolio, report generation, report management, documentation to be accessible to customers. Furthermore, the customer wanted to include custom forms, lists, pdf report viewers, and custom-looking templates to offer a great branding experience.


Star Knowledge, having understood the complexity involved, proposed Power Apps Portals that would allow the customer to manage the requirements including allowing external user access via Azure AD, LinkedIn or Google login. Additionally, with the structure of the data already defined, we proposed to reuse the same and created data flows that fetch SharePoint data into Dataverse and Portals for each customer based on permissions.

The solution involved building custom branding, custom menu based on user role login, liquid page templates, portfolio page, deals page, investment page, transaction page management among others, pdf viewer plugins, custom forms and workflows. The solution allowed embedded PowerBI reports for customer to access their report data based on roles. The portals was configured to store the data, configure the portal settings, email settings, MFA, and custom roles.


The implementation resulted in a fully functional external-facing portal that allowed customers to log in with role-based controls. It served as a centralized platform for customers to access all their information conveniently. The solution facilitated the structured management of data, enabling inputs to Power BI for enhanced reporting capabilities.

The portals were designed in a self-service mode, simplifying user management processes. The incorporation of custom designs and branding provided customers with a multi-dimensional and immersive branding experience. Most importantly, the solution ensured the proactive management of customer data on the secure Microsoft cloud platform.

Technology Used

  • PowerApps Portals
  • JavaScript
  • Liquid Template
  • Dataverse
  • DataFlows
  • SharePoint Lists
  • PowerBI

Are you facing challenges in managing and collaborating on financial portfolios within your SharePoint environment? Star Knowledge can provide you with a comprehensive Power Apps Portals solution, empowering you to enhance external user access, streamline data management, and create a personalized branding experience. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and revolutionize your portfolio management processes.

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