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PowerApps for Asset Tracking

PowerApps for Asset Tracking for a Global IT Company

23 Mar 2022

The Client

A leading US-based IT services company with offices across the globe

The Need

The client had been growing very rapidly across the globe with a presence across several countries and with growth, came extensive investment in IT infrastructure which was becoming challenging for the customer to manage across their offices. Hence the customer required a cloud-based asset monitoring solution.


The client was in the market for a ready-to-use solution however, the products available were not according to their required customization and the customizable ones were quite expensive. The customer needed the solution to be available in less than 1 month at a reasonable price.

Additionally, the customer wanted to track asset allotment, asset value in local currency where it was bought, utilization, and depreciation within the same solution with custom reporting services and scanning capabilities.


Star Knowledge having analyzed the requirements and need to be understood that the customer was looking for a centralized and seamless to access Asset Management portal that could be used to track all their IT assets. We proposed to include a depreciation calculation that computed the year-on-year cost depreciation. The assets were allowed to be added either in bulk from a csv or from the UI which allowed to generate a custom QR. The asset manager would be able to print all the stickers to be stuck on each asset which could be used to track the asset’s information and history.

The asset could be associated with a specific Office 365 user and could be used to track utilization, availability reports, asset under maintenance/ warranty, etc along with the ability to track the period asset verification statuses.

The entire solution was designed, architected, and planned in a modular way that would allow rapid deployment within 1 month, and PowerApps was the solution of choice for that reason due to its low code development capabilities


  • A complete Asset Management solution that not allows managing assets by their statuses but also track their utilization, depreciation, warranties, and asset history from the day it was added into the system.
  • Easy to generate asset-related reports
  • The solution had the ability to manually verify reports based on QR code scanning abilities
  • The solution had the ability to support pricing across the globe based on where the product was purchased. However, the total asset value was always computed in USD.
  • The solution was delivered in 1 month with a fixed cost project execution that costed a fraction of the other SaaS/ custom solutions.

Technology Used

  • PowerApps
  • Google QR Code
  • JavaScript/ HTML
  • Dataverse
  • DataFlows
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