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Power Automate Desktop

Power Automate Desktop for a leading South Asian Airline

10 July 2023

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The Client

A leading South Asian airline operating in over 35 countries.

The Business Need

The client required a streamlined data flow and accurate financial records to address the convoluted data reconciliation process and record-keeping challenges resulting from their complex ticketing system.

The Challenge

Reconciling data from over 85 sources with unique data formats, varying date formats, and currencies was a major challenge. The geographical spread of these sources added to the complexity, necessitating a robust solution to handle the diversity in data.

The Solution

A comprehensive Power Automate Desktop solution was implemented to address these challenges. Key components of the solution included:
  • ETL Pipelines: Automated pipelines were designed to extract, transform, and load data from disparate sources into a unified format in Excel files.
  • Data Normalization: An automated process was developed to standardize the data, ensuring consistency across all records.
  • Cognitive Engine: A sophisticated cognitive engine was created to parse through the data, convert currency values according to transaction dates, and normalize them for account reconciliation.
  • Data Warehouse Integration: The processed data was ingested into a centralized data warehouse, enabling streamlined reporting and analytics.
  • Periodic Execution: The entire process was scheduled to run periodically, with an attended process for data reconciliation implemented in the last week of each month to ensure accuracy and completeness.

The Benefits

The implementation of the Power Automate Desktop automation led to significant benefits:
  • Efficiency: There was a significant reduction in manual data handling and errors.
  • Accuracy: Financial reporting and reconciliation accuracy improved.
  • Scalability: The system could handle increased data volume without additional resources.
  • Insights: Enhanced decision-making through reliable data insights.

The Technologies Used

The technical architecture included:
  • Automation Tools: Power Automate Desktop and Cognitive Services
  • Data Management: Custom ETL pipelines and data normalization scripts
  • Reporting: Data warehouse integration for business intelligence


The Power Automate Desktop solution transformed the airline’s data reconciliation process, turning a complex, error-prone task into a streamlined, efficient operation. This case study exemplifies the potential of automation in overcoming the challenges of modern data management in the aviation industry.

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