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PowerApps for leading an Investment Management Company

PowerApps to Drive Efficiency in Investment Management

10 July 2023

PowerApps portals for investment management company

The Client

The Client is a leading Investment Management Firm based in India.

The Need

The Client faced challenges in managing and tracking their internal operational processes. These processes were primarily manual, leading to inefficiencies and delays. Sought to streamline their operations by digitizing and automating these processes.


The Client relied heavily on manual processes and paper-based tracking systems, leading to inefficiencies and delays. The company required multi-level approvals for various critical processes. The key challenges included managing and optimizing the following seven processes: Travel Request, Travel Claim, NDA Request and Tracker, Expense Claim, Revenue Expense Tracker, Capital Expense Tracker, and Service Request and Helpdesk.


Star Knowledge initiated the project by conducting a thorough assessment of the client existing business processes. Through collaborative workshops, they meticulously mapped out the flow of data and identified areas for improvement. Detailed wireframes and system style guidelines were created, aligning with the organization’s core values.

Leveraging the power of PowerApps, Star Knowledge developed customized applications tailored to client’s specific requirements. These applications streamlined approval processes, enabling single or multiple and multi-level approvals as needed.

Furthermore, data integration with Dynamic365 for Operations was established, ensuring seamless record-keeping and auditing capabilities. Automated reporting features were implemented to empower administrators with real-time visibility into the status of each request, fostering better governance.


Streamlined Business Processes: By leveraging PowerApps, manual processing was eliminated, and operational efficiency was significantly improved. The digitized workflows reduced turnaround times and enhanced productivity across all seven processes.

Detailed Audit Trail: The automated system provided a comprehensive audit trail, ensuring better compliance and tracking capabilities. This feature not only enhanced transparency but also facilitated accurate decision-making.

Customized Experience: Star Knowledge’s expertise in creating custom look and feel and intuitive controls ensured an enhanced customer experience for the Client. The applications were tailored to match the organization’s branding, reinforcing their professional image.

Technology Used

  • Power Apps
  • Dynamic 365

Thanks to the expertise and collaborative efforts of Star Knowledge, the client successfully transformed their operational services. By digitizing and automating their processes, the company achieved streamlined workflows, improved governance, and enhanced customer experiences. This case study exemplifies the power of technology-driven solutions in optimizing business operations and driving sustainable growth.

Are you looking to streamline your organization’s operations and optimize your internal services? Contact us today to explore how our expertise in custom application development and process automation can help you achieve significant improvements in efficiency, governance, and customer experience. Let us guide you on your digital transformation journey.

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