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Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Migration

Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 for IT Services Company

23 March 2023

The Client:

The client is a USA-based IT Services and SaaS Company.

The Challenge:

Confronted with a substantial undertaking, our client embarked on the migration of email services from Google Workspace. This intricate process involved migrating 122 users’ mailboxes and 2TB of file data stored on Google Drive and Shared Drive, necessitating a meticulous transition to the Microsoft 365 Cloud Platform. The client wanted to migrate because of better feature control and eventually have the setup that helps with their ISO 27001 attestation as part of the migration.

The Solution:

In addressing the intricate challenge of migrating email services, our team meticulously planned and executed a comprehensive strategy, aligning with industry best practices. The meticulous transition from Google Workspace to the Microsoft 365 Cloud Platform involved not only the smooth migration of 122 users’ mailboxes but also the seamless transfer of 2TB of critical file data from Google Drive and Shared Drive.

The foundation of our solution lay in the precise allocation of E3 licenses to each user. This strategic choice offered significant advantages, notably the seamless archival of mailboxes up to 100GB. This not only ensured the preservation of historical email data but also positioned our client for efficient data management in the long term.

In addition to the data migration, we assisted the client identify and define security measures for their business as part of the new business undertaking with Microsoft Secure Score, Defender and Intune for app level and end point security for the users on their M365 and devices.


  1. Efficient Archiving: The implementation of E3 licenses facilitated the seamless archival of mailboxes up to 100GB, safeguarding historical email data.
  2. Real-Time Expansion: Users experienced uninterrupted access and expanded storage capacity as needed, owing to the real-time expansion of mailbox accounts.
  3. Enhanced Functionality: The utilization of Microsoft 365 Business Premium licenses empowered our client to harness the complete suite of features, fostering heightened productivity and collaboration.
  4. Optimized Data Management: Strategic archiving of emails older than 5 years streamlined data within the Microsoft 365 environment, resulting in enhanced overall system efficiency.
  5. Enhanced Data Security and User Access Control: With Microsoft 365 built in security and backed by Azure AD, Intune and Defender, we enabled end-point protection, data compliance, custom security rules, data loss prevention and governance as part of their long term data security practice.

Technology Used:

Google Workspace
Google API
Microsoft 365

In successfully migrating email services from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365, our team ensured seamless data transition, efficient archiving, and enhanced security for a USA-based IT Services and SaaS Company. Leveraging E3 licenses and Microsoft 365 tools, we optimized functionality and data management. Ready for a smooth transition? Call us today.

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