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GoDaddy's Office 365 to Microsoft 365 migration

GoDaddy’s Office 365 to Microsoft 365 Migration

10 July 2023

The Client

The Client is a financial services firm specializing in family wealth management.

The Need

The Client was using GoDaddy’s email services, expressed dissatisfaction with their support services. Additionally, they found that the features provided by GoDaddy’s Office 365 were comparatively limited and expensive when compared to the features offered by Microsoft 365.

The client desired to leverage Microsoft 365’s capabilities, such as SharePoint, PowerApps, and other advanced features, which were not available through GoDaddy.


The client faced several challenges in terms of poor support services, higher rates for features compared to Microsoft 365, and limited functionality with the absence of desired features like SharePoint and PowerApps. Customers experience dissatisfaction due to inadequate support services provided by GoDaddy, leading to frustration and difficulty in resolving issues.

Furthermore, GoDaddy’s higher rates for features create a disadvantage when compared to Microsoft 365, making it less cost-effective for users. Additionally, the limited functionality of GoDaddy’s offerings, including the absence of sought-after features like SharePoint and PowerApps, hinders users’ ability to fully utilize and customize their services according to their needs and preferences.


To address Client’s challenges, a comprehensive assessment of their current setup and readiness was conducted. The following steps were taken:

Data Migration: Approximately 500 GB of data, including emails, contacts, and archived emails, was successfully migrated from GoDaddy’s Office 365 to Microsoft 365 using the cutover migration technique. The migration process ensured a seamless transfer without any data loss.

Setup and Configuration: The migrated data was efficiently set up on Microsoft 365, enabling client to benefit from the enhanced feature set offered by Microsoft 365.


The migration from GoDaddy’s Office 365 to Microsoft 365 brought several advantages to the client:

Enhanced Feature Set: By transitioning to Microsoft 365, the Client gained access to a wider range of features and tools, surpassing the limitations of GoDaddy’s Office 365. This allowed the client to leverage capabilities like SharePoint, PowerApps, and other advanced features for improved document management, automation services, and internal application development.

Cost Efficiency: Client found Microsoft 365’s feature offerings to be more cost-effective compared to GoDaddy’s Office 365. The migration provided the client with better value for their investment.

Improved Support: With Star Knowledge’s managed services offerings, the client gained access to enhanced support services for Microsoft 365. The client could now rely on expert assistance and efficient troubleshooting, ensuring smooth operations and maximizing productivity.

Technology Used

  • Microsoft 365
  • Power Apps
  • SharePoint

Are you facing limitations with your current email provider? Want to unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 for your business? Trust Star Knowledge, a leading Microsoft technology partner, to seamlessly migrate your organization from any platform to Microsoft 365. Experience the benefits of an advanced feature set, improved automation, enhanced document management, and superior support services. Contact us today for a hassle-free transition and unlock the true power of Microsoft 365 for your business.

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