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Java Application

Financial Education for Credit Card holders

6 FEB 2018

Java Application


The customer is addressing a new area in the space of Financial Education, targeted to the credit card holders. It was established in 2010 and already has few of North American banks as its customers. The credit card holders do not maintain proper account Management systems because they are not having awareness This solution helps to facilitate financial Learning for the banks and users.

Clients concocted a thought

  • The need to integrate the Users, Banks and financial education is the main theme of this project. The users had to be educated in the Financial Management, Terms and many financial rules/calculations. Also, it was mandated that the project has to be done using the latest technologies at a faster time.
  • This application should use state of the art technologies, with Scheduling, Reporting and maintain Users’ Audit Trails.
  • This faster completion has enabled the company to acquire the clients/users rapidly.

What we proposed

The application is addressing the Financial Educational Space with the content being developed by Rich UI using Flash, HTML 4/5 and is SCROM Compliant.

Results & benefits obtained

The key benefits realized as a result of the successful project include:
  1. Effectively bringing Users and Banks together
  2. Financial Education which keeps track of the user’s progress
  3. Education content in Rich UI with video illustrations makes it easy for users to understand the concepts.
  4. Evaluation of the User after the course completion to reinforce the understanding the concepts
  5. Reward the user with Goodies after successful completion of the Course.
  6. Validate the User’s completion of course with Certificate, which is accepted by banks
  7. Reporting and User trails help the company to manage user and company effectively.
  8. Secure the application by confirming to OWASP Recommendations

Want for information

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