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digital transformation for a construction company

Digital Transformation for a Construction Firm

28 Oct 2021

Digital Transformation for Construction Company

The Client

Large US based Construction and Design Firm

The Need

The client required had made a strategic decision to adopt Procore for their Project management and had been making use of Yardi to manage their procurements, assets and leasing on properties owned by them or leased. Additionally, the enterprise wanted to build an application to manage their own assets including their pipelines and associated asset details.

The Challenge

The client used several discrete systems to manage their daily operations which resulted in data discrepancies and lack of coordination amongst systems. The client wanted to integrate all the solutions to have a active sync amongst all the systems to manage the assets, constructions and pipelines effectively. The primary challenge was on how different systems could integrate with each other.

The Strategy

Star Knowledge proposed to build a web application to manage their owned asset database that would integrate with the Yardi system to enable sync between the assets that were being owned by the firm. The proposed system was an elaborate definition of how associated stakeholders could view the systems and manage the assets, visualize using PowerBI and manage their investments and capital. To simplify the security constraints in a unified way, Star Knowledge integrated all the systems with Azure AD and managed the security groups with different levels of access for each.

Star Knowledge made the integrations easier with the deployment of Dell Boomi and created custom workflows for integration with Yardi, Procore, Web App api and SharePoint Online.

Each asset was managed in Yardi with the data synced with the Web Application to manage the owned assets and capital associated with the asset. The new projects were created in Procore and that created SharePoint sites dynamically to manage the associated files and project tasks on Office 365 Planner. The project were also created on Yardi for cost management. The sites were created using the associated security groups.

Star Knowledge created a powerapps application to allow users to access the asset database on the fly and also allow surveyors to upload images against each project from the mobile devices and the images were stored in SharePoint document library associated with the project.

Web application was integrated with PowerBI dashboards to help the stakeholders visualize the data of different assets and capital along with projected timelines. The solution was hosted in Azure PaaS web app with Azure SQL and SharePoint Online for document management.


  • Unified experience with Azure AD integration for SSO experience and security management.
  • Integrated systems that work in sync with each other with Dell Boomi.
  • Scalable architecture hosted on Azure.
  • Deployed the solution using DevOps for CI/CD.
  • Organized structure on SharePoint Online for file management and asset management.

Technology Used

  • .net MVC
  • Azure SQL
  • SharePoint Online
  • Dell Boomi
  • Azure
  • PowerBI
  • Azure DevOps
  • Procore
  • Yardi
  • Teams

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