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Valo intranet for large firm

Valo Intranet Setup for a Large Investment Group

18 May 2021

Valo Intranet for large firms

The Client

The client is a leading investment house based out of India with investments across APAC and several business domains.

The Need

The client has a couple of offices across the country and had a larger part of their team involved in data analysis, due diligence, and research which was mainly managed on Atlassian Confluence. The client wanted to bring effective usage and document management on SharePoint given that SharePoint had far more capabilities for document management and other features that added a lot of value for their business objectives.

The Challenge

The client was adding a lot of data into Confluence and needed to have this solution deployed in a couple of weeks including their branding and deployment. Their organization needed an Intranet for the 3 groups – Investment-related, Platform and admin-related, and External facing portals which would have external stakeholders. All of the information architecture was to be planned and deployed in a short time. In addition, the client needed interfacing with Teams in a native way.


Star Knowledge having understood the requirements, proposed to use Valo Intranet, Valo Connect, and Valo Extranet for fulfilling their business objectives. The solution required extensive information architecture planning with the different stakeholders over workshops and the solution for the SharePoint modern structure was proposed. In addition to the department-wise sites, the organization used a Companywide intranet that needed deployment and branding which was achieved fairly quickly. Given that the content was mostly generated dynamically by Investment teams, the set of sites for this team was released first and then the subsequent sites were deployed.

The customer’s deployments included base intranet configuration with content creation and editing toolbox, flexible branding, mega menu, important messages, event management, search hub for content indexing and retrieval, surveys and polls, Our People, Classifieds, FAQs, and a Native Mobile Application for Android and iOS for people to stay connected on their devices with the latest updates. The easy-to-manage mega menu and content editor toolbox ensured adoption was quick.

The extranet was designed and to allow the customer to seamlessly allow authorized users to be added into the Azure AD tenant and provide need-to-know basis access on the items. Additionally, Valo had a new product called Valo Connect released which the organization adopted as it ensures a seamless Teams integration and allowed managing tabs and applications, search hubs, document management, and intranet access all from within Teams without the users having to change their application window. The entire deployment was handled in a period of 2 months.


  • Document management and the other core features of SharePoint were put to effective use including version management, which was further extended by the client team to manage approval workflows.
  • Deployment was handled in a period of 2 months including information architecture, solution design, branding, and deployment.
  • Adoption was quite quick given the easy management tool available
  • The primary site was created as a Hub and new sites associated were branded quickly and made the process simple for the client.
  • Direct Teams integrations and Mobile App made communication fast.

Technology Stack

  • Office 365
  • SharePoint Online
  • Valo Intranet
  • Valo Extranet
  • Valo Connect
  • Teams

Looking to build similar Valo intranet and Valo connect solutions for handling external stakeholders without compromising the security issues, contact us for the ready to go Valo intranet solutions could be deployed hours.

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