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Work Culture

Tips for Creating a Great Work Culture

10 JUN 2019

Work Culture

Ever wondered how business giants around the world became successful? The success of any business is a result of great company culture. Giants like Google, Zappos, Twitter, etc. are known to have a great work culture. But what is company culture? Company culture or office culture is a sum of values, beliefs, behaviors, traditions, and attitudes. It’s what makes a company unique and making individuals wanting to come back to work each day. It drives productivity among the individuals who fit in and around an organization such as employees, employers, and customers. It is a way individuals within an organization interact and communicate with each other.

Why is Company Culture Important?

94% of business executive believe that company culture drives business success. Businesses that perform well do not let the culture form by itself naturally rather they predefine how they want it to be because it can either transform employees into advocates or critics. Building company culture is an important factor in attracting talent, driving engagement, retaining best people, impacting happiness and satisfaction among individuals, and most important in improving the performance of people involved.

How can you create a Great Company Culture?
  1. Promote Collaboration and Communication

Communication and collaboration are highly important within an organization. Where there is a positive flow of communication there is better performance and healthy relationships among individuals. Teamwork is commonly appreciated in every business if there is no collaboration among team members it is obvious that results cannot be expected. Encourage every individual in your organization to maintain a healthy relationship with other members around them. Encourage open and honest communication where employees can share ideas and offer feedback without hesitation. This also involves planning team outings and trips. This really helps in keeping employees stick to you. At Star Knowledge, we encourage employees to offer feedback on the tasks they are a part of, this has led to a healthy employer-employee relationship.

  1. Establish Core Values

Core values are the principles an organization holds as something of central importance, they’re the force that differentiates from right and wrong. Core Values differ from company to company but most common of all are Honesty, Respect, Loyalty, and Reliability. You can establish core values depending on how you would want the culture of your organization to be. Promote respect for each other, encourage commitment towards work, excellence, productivity, innovation, and sustainability. Talking about our Core Values, we have set high priority for respect towards each other and a strong commitment towards achieving goals. This has resulted in highly inspired and engaged employees.

  1. Listen

Listening to what employees have to say is a good way of building a great company culture. Different teams in an establishment make up the whole of an organization thus, you need to know what inspires your employees, what motivates them, what helps them stay productive. This gives you an understanding of what helps different employees in improving their performance which will, in turn, improve the overall performance of your organization. This way you can easily assess and improve the performance of every employee.

  1. Offer growth and career path

Best talent looks at growth opportunities. Offering growth and career path are proved to be a good way of retaining highly skilled employees. When employees are promoted, recognized, and commended they feel satisfied. And employee job satisfaction should be every company’s goal. This also involves improving compensation and benefits. Employees should be rewarded according to the efforts and contributions they make, shouldn’t they?

  1. Follow Modern Work Culture

Did you know companies around the world are revolutionizing the work culture? This one is going to excite you. Companies in 2019 have completely changed what conventional work culture looked like. They have ping-pong tables, happy hours, free snacks, paid time off, unlimited vacation, bringing pets at work and so much more. This is really helping companies boost productivity and reduce stress. While each employee is aware of what makes them productive, these methods are proving invaluable for all. At Star Knowledge, snacks time is what every employee is fond of!

Here are a few tips for creating a great company culture. Running a business is not only about focusing on business goals it is also about taking care of people who are behind achieving those goals. Creating a great company culture will not only help you increase productivity but also in building healthy relationships.

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