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Microsoft Office 365 Mobile Apps

Increase Productivity with Microsoft Office 365 Mobile Apps

10 MAY 2019

Microsoft Office 365 Mobile Apps

You’re likely already acquainted with Office 365 for desktop, however, did you realize that the most popular business profitability suite is accessible on mobile devices as well?

Microsoft Office 365 Mobile apps enable you to utilize your most loved Office applications in a hurry, and even offline.

Let’s analyze all you need to know to begin:

With Microsoft Office 365 mobile application, users will be able to see, manage, and create new documents on the Office 365 UI that is enhanced for mobile devices & tablets. These mobile apps also integrate with OneDrive & Microsoft SharePoint.

Advantages of Microsoft office 365 for mobile

  • Access, manage and edit documents
The Office 365 mobile apps allow users to access, manage, and edit their documents wherever they want and whichever mobile device they are using. They will be able to work from any mobile device they are most comfortable with whether it’s a Windows, Android, or iOS device. The apps are also available for tablet devices. Mobile App Technology
  • Integration with OneDrive and SharePoint
Microsoft Office 365 mobile apps integrate with Microsoft’s file-sharing and document management products & services which include OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint which is accessed in the cloud. Mobile App Technology
  • Share documents confidently and connect with everyone
The process of sharing files & documents and collaborating is simplified with Office 365 mobile apps. While their teammates work on the shared files, you can have control over all the tasks and activities and keep your co-workers connected and updated.
  • Business-class email and calendaring capabilities
Microsoft Office 365 mobile apps also convey business-class email & calendaring capacities to groups and individuals. They can set schedules from any mobile device anywhere easily and have their subordinates keep track of such calendars.
  • Mobile data security
Microsoft office 365 mobile suite ensures that information and data are protected even if they are not being communicated through email. Thus, it offers a mobile data protection solution that protects data against risks at any level.
  • Optimized features for mobile
Microsoft Office 365 suite is included three mobile apps expand and upgrade the features of the prevalent and broadly utilized desktop applications from Microsoft which are Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The apps are prepared with the familiar UIs of the famous desktop applications. Other helpful mobile apps are incorporated into the suite, for example, OneNote, Outlook, etc.
  • MS word docs
Its word processing mobile app allows users to use the page, design, and formatting option found in Microsoft Word. They can apply custom highlighting colors to texts, shapes, custom borders to table cells, and more.

Microsoft Office 365 Mobile Apps

  • Office 365 Excel
Microsoft Office 365 provides a spreadsheet mobile app where users can work on their data using Microsoft Excel. It permits them to convert data into maps as well as easily arrange pivot tables and summarize complex data by applying custom styles and layouts.
  • Mail and Calendar apps (outlook)
The Mail and Calendar apps will assist you in staying up to date on your email, managing your scheduled meeting, and staying in touch with clients and colleagues. This will help you communicate quickly and focus on what’s important across all your records.

Microsoft Office 365 Mobile Apps

  • Skype for Business
Connect with people via your mobile device anywhere, anytime. It includes voice and video over wireless, instant messaging, meetings with clients or employees, and calling features, easy-to-use interface.

Microsoft Office 365 Mobile Apps

  • Office 365 PowerPoint
To wrap it up, the office 365 mobile app suite makes users the capacity to design and present inspiring presentations straight from their mobile devices, as it puts the amazing abilities of Microsoft PowerPoint on the palms of their hands.

Microsoft Office 365 Mobile Apps


Office 365 is designed for the way people work today – anywhere and anytime, allowing them to stay connected with team members and be productive no matter where they are. This gives your employees greater flexibility in how they get their work complete.

Want to learn more about how Office 365 can benefit your business and increase productivity? Get in touch with us today for tailored Office 365 consulting services.


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