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SharePoint vs OneDrive for Business

SharePoint vs OneDrive: Differences & Comparision between

04 Mar 2021


There is a common debate between OneDrive vs SharePoint as to why should an organization transit its inclination towards SharePoint for content management when the market is agonized by solutions that are designed to store documents on the cloud including OneDrive from Microsoft. All of the business leaders are obviously aware of SharePoint’s capabilities. However, most of them are not totally aware of how SharePoint can affect their productivity. So, read the differences between SharePoint and OneDrive for business.

Most of the Microsoft Office 365 users in the current market would be enthusiastic about exploring SharePoint online in their work culture to store, organize, access, and share documents. However, it will be difficult to know the exact fit when compared between the two solutions while considering data and security management. Anyhow, a company must know the advantages and disadvantages of OneDrive and SharePoint before implementing or considering one as better than the other.

nullFun Fact: SharePoint technology has been used in OneDrive for business, but OneDrive is a perfect fit for one-off sharing and personal sharing. Both of these platforms are live on cloud (Office 365 cloud) and make you sync documents, files, and data to your device so you can work anywhere.

SharePoint Vs OneDrive for Business

You need to know the complete difference between OneDrive and SharePoint, to make a decision that best fits your business models. Because OneDrive is not as same as SharePoint even though they are from Microsoft.

1: Features

As you know OneDrive for Business has two options for its users OneDrive for personal or business, even though OneDrive is powered by Microsoft SharePoint it has its own benefits and limitations. OneDrive gives leveraged security to business or personal documents when it’s a matter of confidentiality but also constrains its users from sharing.

While SharePoint is the solution that acts as more than a store, it allows its users to share files, calendars, and contacts, and work collaboratively.  Its features provide its end users a wide opportunity to collaborate through its different online collaboration tools like Teams, Yammer, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, Planner, Power Platform, etc., With a custom intranet solution for a secured work environment.

2: Ownership

OneDrive‘s centralized ownership model means that only the document’s owner has the authority to read, change, or share a particular file, although he or she may provide temporary access to another individual. SharePoint offers an internal open network for access and collaboration, whereas with SharePoint documents and data are managed at the site level and may be controlled by entering the site. Additionally, SharePoint differs significantly from OneDrive in terms of sharing and team collaboration.

3: Collaboration

When identifying the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive solutions for collaboration in business there is no choice except SharePoint online from the business viewpoint. Where in OneDrive for Business you can share a document and collaborate with stakeholders more securely but it is limited and cannot make you collaborate more effectively.

While in SharePoint many of its solutions are made to enhance collaboration and communication between members, with its set-off tools and cloud solutions it’s more effective to achieve collaboration inside and outside the organization. Even though the tool is unfolded to all its users it has never compromised with security concerns, with the SharePoint intranet solution organizations can create a secured extranet accessible to internal users anywhere on any device and only to external with accessing permissions.

4:Custom Development

SharePoint provides a framework for custom solution development to design business-specific flows for integration and collaboration, with the combination of SharePoint and Power Platform businesses are developing their automated workflows and apps, generating automated data insights, and more while improving productivity by leaps and bounds. While OneDrive is the solution developed on the SharePoint framework.

5: Out of the Box Features

SharePoint intranet solution for secured access to documents, files, data, media, library, custom landing pages, calendars, tasks, etc., allows your Microsoft team members to access, view, and share remotely through any device without any risk of data breaches. OneDrive even allows your team to access docs but is limited and does not include many of the tools available in SharePoint.

6: Management and Administration

SharePoint has more advanced tools for managing and administering content and users compared to OneDrive. SharePoint allows administrators to set up permissions, control access to content, and track activity. It also allows for customization of sites and integration with other systems and tools. OneDrive is more focused on individual users and their personal files and does not have as many options for managing and administering content and users.

7: Integration

Both are integrated with other Microsoft tools, such as Office 365 and Teams. However, SharePoint has more customization and integration options compared to OneDrive. Using this, organizations can create custom websites and web parts, and integrate with a wide range of systems and tools. OneDrive is primarily focused on individual users and their personal files and does not have as many options for customization and integration.

SharePoint vs OneDrive: Which one to consider?

Comparing and choosing OneDrive or SharePoint will obviously be a difficult task for many of industries if you are looking for a single-window usage with more security than SharePoint or OneDrive if you just want a platform that combines them all and provides you a power pack of options.

Note: many of the companies will opt for both solutions and get in touch with our consultants today for comprehensive SharePoint consulting services.

If you are in a dilemma between SharePoint Vs OneDrive for Business or looking to set your team site and content migration to SharePoint? contact us for a consultation session to assist you in getting a clear start.

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