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Power Apps for Insurance

Power Apps for Leading Insurance Advisory Company

10 July 2023

PowerApps for asset order management

The Client

The Client is a leading US-based Insurance Advisory and Planning firm.

The Need

The Client sought an automated and digitized solution to manage their death claim processing unit. The firm heavily relied on paper filing systems, resulting in tedious processes and compliance inconsistencies. Additionally, tracking claim statuses became cumbersome. They needed a streamlined solution that could handle the high volume of claims from large corporate clients and improve efficiency through automation.


The Client faced several challenges in their death claim processing unit. Their reliance on paper filing systems proved to be highly tedious, as each claim had unique characteristics requiring varying levels of compliance and documentation. This inconsistency made the insurance claiming process more complex.

Furthermore, managing the requests and their statuses became increasingly challenging as they moved through multiple individuals within the company. This cumbersome tracking process was exacerbated by the fact that the majority of claims came from large corporations on the East Coast, which insured thousands of employees.


Star Knowledge conducted a thorough assessment of client’s existing business processes and proposed a comprehensive solution to digitize and automate the death claim processing unit. The solution aimed to streamline workflows, define standardized procedures, and manage the entire lifecycle of a death claim. Specifically tailored to meet the needs of corporations with insured employees, the solution initiated the claim request process upon ingesting a weekly Excel spreadsheet of new claims.

Star Knowledge developed a user-friendly workflow application aligned with client’s branding guidelines. The application leveraged Power Apps and Power Automate, with SQL Server serving as the backend data system. The solution enabled efficient task status management, task scheduling based on workflow stages, and automated notifications to relevant stakeholders, both internally and externally.

Stringent security roles and access control measures were implemented to ensure restricted access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on a need-to-know basis. Additionally, individuals had the flexibility to create and assign additional tasks to accurately track claim statuses.


Improved Productivity: The automated business process led to an impressive 80% increase in productivity with the same workforce.

Enhanced Governance and Tracking: The solution facilitated seamless governance and tracking of the high volume of claim requests, particularly during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Robust Data Security: Role-based security measures and a PII-focused design ensured data security and minimized unauthorized access.

Accelerated Claim Processing: Streamlined submissions and standardized procedures reduced claim processing time by nearly 50%.

User-Friendly Experience: The intuitive user experience (UX) of the application simplified adoption and significantly reduced paperwork.

Technology Used

Are you struggling with manual and time-consuming claim processing? Partner with Star Knowledge to transform your operations and achieve significant productivity gains. Our team of experts will design and implement a tailored workflow solution using cutting-edge technologies, such as Power Apps and Power Automate, to streamline your claim processing unit. Experience improved efficiency, robust governance, enhanced data security, and reduced processing time. Contact us today to embark on your digital transformation journey.

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