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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Security and Compliance

15 FEB 2021

Microsoft Azure

Do you know how Microsoft Azure helps your business? Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud computing platform that enables enterprises to fabricate, convey, and oversee applications promptly through Microsoft managed and its partner hosted data centers. It has the capacity to integrate the public cloud applications with the present IT condition and assembles applications utilizing any framework, language, or tools.

A majority of businesses are considering leveraging the cloud to complete their business and get it done at levels of efficiency never before possible. The adaptability, versatility, and capable innovation bolstered by Azure enable organizations to understand the advantages of cloud computing within the framework of a comfortable and familiar technology platform. Microsoft Azure backings a wide cross-segment of technologies, including various operating systems, programming languages, structures, devices, databases, and gadgets. Microsoft manufactured the Azure stage utilizing a significant number of the same Microsoft items that millions of engineers and IT experts around the globe as of now trust for their on-premises operations.

Microsoft has designed the Azure platform in light of security, working in various diverse security highlights. A vital part of securing data is checking the characters of the individuals who request to access it. Microsoft gives a profound, tenured commitment to security, protection, and compliance, which enables Azure clients to expand the security and consistent advantages of the cloud. Azure delivers a trusted platform that empowers organizations to move to the cloud more rapidly while utilizing Microsoft mastery to lessen the chances.

What is Azure Security?

The most common question CIOs and CTOs ask before moving to Azure is, “Is Azure Secure?“. We understand that the ‘job one’ in the cloud is security. And one of the best reasons to migrate to Azure is taking advantage of its wide array of security tools and capabilities. These tools make it possible for you to build secure solutions on the Azure platform. Azure public cloud service provides a highly secure infrastructure which is a trustworthy foundation upon which companies can meet their security requirements. And when it comes to securing your data centers, Azure Security Center – a unified infrastructure security management system, strengthens the security posture of the data centers and provides advanced threat protection across hybrid solutions in the cloud. Here’s are the security challenges Azure Security Center addresses:

  • Security to rapidly changing workloads
  • Protection against increasingly sophisticated attacks
  • Proactive security alerts, alerting systems, and security administrators
  • Advanced threat protection

Benefits of Azure security

  • Reduce the risk of a cybersecurity attack
  • Maintain magnificent execution for clients even at scale
  • Scale as request changes coordinating your speculation
  • Enhance the data protection and compliance
  • Create constant operational knowledge utilizing integrated search, dashboards, exhibitions
  • Improve investigating, operational perceivability, quicker examination, and determination
  • Secure your data and business from undesirable access
  • Get a lucidity on your administrations’ security state in Azure

As a service provider, Microsoft must comply with regulatory requirements of the governmental entities within whose jurisdictions Azure works, along with industry regulations that cover numerous organizations in particular fields. Microsoft’s compliance framework is designed to address this challenge.

Azure cloud compliance ensures that organizational cloud services are compliant with the regulations that cover all definitions and requirements of HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA compliances and help you avoid fines.

  • EU standard contractual clauses
  • CSA star certification
  • MTCS Singapore
  • CJIS – Criminal Justice Information Service
  • ISO / IEC
  • SOC
  • NIST / CSF
  • European Union model clauses

Star Knowledge Microsoft Azure helps reduce the security and consistent trouble for clients by giving dependable undertaking cloud administrations, while additionally offering the security capabilities and flexibility clients need to utilize the services as per our own standards. On the off chance that you have been considering moving your business or need to have your new business on to Azure. Enlighten us regarding your undertaking. Get in touch with us.

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