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Office 365 benefits

Leveraging Office 365 benefits for business process excellence

19 NOV 2020

Business processes need to be revamped on a regular time period or with the new updates to leverage the benefits of the features. All new updates from Microsoft office 365 benefit your business by increased data security, reduced time and cost in the workflow, real-time data-driven decision, ability to reach the native audience or customers, and many more.

The Microsoft 365 enterprise update and advantages which organizations do not want to lack are:

Microsoft 365 benefits in Managing Personal and confidential data:

Business concerns on data and security are growing as the technology grows because data breaches could cause an enormous amount of financial loss to the organization with increased security attacks. So, managing data is important and here organizations can take benefits of Microsoft 365 for their business.

According to the Ponemon study, the average global data breaches cost $3.86 million for 2020. The below graph shows the amount of the average cost of data breaches that have happened globally from 2014 to 2019.

Office 365 benefits

Source: Statista

With increased cybersecurity threats and global data breaches, companies are facing huge financial losses, where according to IBM healthcare is the worst-hit field to suffer from data breach losses resulting in $7.1 Million with a 10.5% increase.

In order to manage personal and confidential data in office 365, Microsoft has rolled out a new feature that is, in the first login page terms a data fiduciary should confirm the purpose of the use of data by taking necessary steps by confirming the purpose or use type of data, to avoid unauthorized access. Along with this Microsoft Office 365 have got sensitivity labels to protect business and personal data from fraudsters, where insensitivity labels are used for end-user encryption that is, a Microsoft end-user can encrypt data/files, restrict permissions to avoid copying data, screenshots, mailing, file printing, etc., also sensitivity labels feature with Disabling USB key copy, watermarking files, etc., helps business or enterprises using Office 365 to avoid misuse of data.

Watch the video to set up sensitivity labels on your Microsoft account to manage your confidential data:

Microsoft Azure cognitive services:

Cognitive services from Microsoft provides API’s to help business process automation. Also, they support:

    1. Decision: The decision API got an Anomaly detector, content moderator, personalized, etc., which are inbuilt functionality to make decisions by finding out the problem at the early stage. It will be easy for the organizations to detect unwanted or offensive content through content moderators which helps to avoid a bad user experience.
    2. Language understanding: Language understanding by applications or able to build a language understanding model for your application without any experience in machine learning will encourage your business to have a conversation with your customers along with collecting required information from the chat through analysis from Series of FAQs or real-time2 chats uploaded to the bot. Power virtual agents are the bots that can be implemented in the business chat process to have automated answers for the user queries.
    3. Speech recognition and translation: Speech recognition in cognitive services helps to recognize speech and convert it into words to form a document or a document or series of words to speak to have an uninterrupted conversation. Any organization can make ultimate use of the speech recognition and translation service through real-time speech translation, enterprises can communicate with their clients in their native language with the use of Azure real-time speech translation without even knowing their language. This helps organizations to bridge the communication gap which may even happen when connecting to the people across the globe.
    4. Vision recognition: Vision recognition figures the handwriting recognizes the human face and images. Vision recognition will help enterprises to document faster which means organizations can scan the handwritten documents or invoices and convert them to E-document without human interactions. Similarly, images are recognized, and results relevant to that particular image are shown.
    5. Web search: Along with the auto-suggest search, Bing custom search we have got an image search option where the results related to the uploaded image or screenshot are shown. Here the result would be the data of an author related to that image or information related to images.

AI to enhance business process:

The Microsoft Azure AI builder model contains

  • Category classification
  • Entity extraction
  • Form processing
  • Object detection
  • Prediction

Microsoft Azure AI builder will help you to automate business workflows and achieves remarkable results. Category classification is used to categorize the received data based on tags, for example, if an organization receives any untrusted or spam messages category classification will automatically forward that to spam tagging.

To pullout filtered information from a set of data, organizations can perform entity extraction, for example in a set of invoices if an organization wants to extract the date of transaction for the invoices, they can easily get invoice data by performing entity extraction and can also be able to upload invoices which are in written format using form processing.

Prediction in the AI builder will help enterprises to make data-driven decisions based on people with similar answers, interests, or relevant data that could buy a product.

Are you willing to leverage Microsoft 365 benefits with all new features? Then star knowledge could provide you a better solution for all your business needs. Contact us with your queries and business up-gradation plans.

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