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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365: How to Redefine Remote Work (WFH)

12 MAY 2020

Microsoft Office 365

Using Microsoft Office 365 for remote work is a grand productive affair!

Every business, every employee across the world has now embraced remote work and there’s no doubt we have stepped into the future we all were talking about. Remote work / Work-from-home will no longer be a “choice” as some of the business giants have already decided to permanently migrate 70% of their workforce to the remote work environment. And businesses who adopted work-from-home by force and not by choice are considering the new setting as “business as usual” with the right technologies in place.

Speaking of technology, Microsoft built its modern workplace solutions predicting the ‘future of work’ with a mission “to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”. Businesses small to large have all turned towards cloud-based technologies like Microsoft Office 365 (Now Microsoft 365) to help employees connect, create, collaborate and achieve better with productivity tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive.

How Does Office 365 Support Remote Work?

Companies around the globe have implemented office 365 (part of Microsoft 365 suite) and are highly benefiting from the platform’s amazing features and collaboration tools that leverage cloud services. So, let’s give you an overview of the most useful Office 365 features and productivity tools that empower remote employees to continue to remain creative, productive, and agile:

Microsoft SharePoint

The highly collaborative modern workplace solution – Microsoft SharePoint, the secure document management system allows remote workers to store, access, and share documents with team members from a single cloud-based platform. So, how can you leverage Microsoft SharePoint for remote teams?

  • SharePoint Team Site for effective project planning
  • Assign tasks to team members with “My Work” Report
  • Keep track of project progress with “Project Dashboard”
  • Store and access project documents in a centralized location

Microsoft Teams

Our all-time-favorite group communication and collaboration tool – Microsoft Teams, a part of Office 365 is revolutionizing the way teams collaborate in the current scenario. Microsoft Teams is making work-from-home so much easier and fun for the modern distributed teams. It offers unlimited chat, phone calls, and video conferencing with amazing features that help employees actively communicate and hold face-to-face interactions. Teams can easily schedule meetings, record meetings, take notes all in real-time. Learn how Microsoft Teams makes remote work productive.

Microsoft OneNote

When working remotely, staying organized is a challenge for employees. Microsoft OneNote is specifically designed for employees who scribble a lot of conversations, take quick notes and plan tasks ahead of time. Team members can create all their notes and them with co-workers for real-time feedback. Whether online or offline, work anytime and find all your recent and updated information in one place and stay completely organized.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive – the cloud-based document storage service that allows employees to create and store their personal documents. With OneDrive, a team member can work on a document and share it with co-workers all from a single platform. This reduces the mess of editing and creating multiple versions of the same document and reduces the irks that hinder smooth collaboration. With OneDrive, teams can store, share, upload, and download almost any form of content. Isn’t it redefining collaboration?

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook – not just an email service! Microsoft Outlook is more than just an email service for modern remote teams. Employees can schedule meetings, keep track of events, meetings, and appointments, keep track of their to-dos and priority tasks, and work altogether directly in the emails. When a co-worker shares files via SharePoint with you, you can work on the file directly in the outlook window eliminating the need for downloading and resharing the file.

Microsoft Power Apps

As virtual work culture is forming a concrete shape, Microsoft Power Apps – the next-gen business application platform is empowering the modern mobile-centric remote teams. Microsoft Power Apps implementation makes it easier for you to build your own business apps with no-code or low-code functionality. While employees are working remotely, why not automate a few workflows and business processes to boost productivity?

Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate – the advanced Microsoft product for automating workflows. With Microsoft PowerApps and Power Automate services, you can create custom apps on Office 365 and Dynamics 365 to automate approvals, leave application process, expense management, and more. The Microsoft Power Platform enables quick software development with fewer dependencies and eliminates the need for advanced development skills. The low-code application development for business process automation is rapid and cost-effective.

Benefits of Collaboration Tools in Office 365

  • Work from anywhere – as long as you’re connected to the internet
  • Co-authoring allows multiple users to collaborate at a single time on a piece of work
  • Security unbreached –  Advanced threat protection from simple to sophisticated security threats
  • Data loss prevention – powerful data loss prevention capability allows protection of business-critical data
  • Highly mobile workforce – Mobile Device Management allows teams working from home to control O365 on mobile devices
  • Integration – Office 365 as a content and collaboration platform seamlessly integrates with your legacy / 3rd party systems

Redefine remote work on Microsoft Office 365 with us!

Want to make Microsoft Office 365 work for your business and your remote teams? Learn how to use Office 365 for work-from-home with Star Knowledge. Get in touch with our Office 365 consultants to build a digital workplace.

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