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Microsoft Planner in SharePoint Online

How to Use Microsoft Planner in SharePoint Online

17 November 2023

SharePoint Migration

Microsoft 365 offers a suite of powerful tools for efficient project planning, organization, and tracking. Among these tools, Microsoft Planner stands out as a versatile solution widely utilized for enhancing organizational workflows. In this article, we will explore the seamless integration of Microsoft Planner within SharePoint Online, providing you with practical insights on optimizing your project management processes.

Understanding Microsoft Planner

Before diving into the integration process, let’s grasp the fundamentals of Microsoft Planner. Essentially, it enables the creation of boards, buckets, and tasks or projects, fostering a structured approach to team collaboration. Boards facilitate the organization of tasks based on projects or activities, allowing for user assignments and progress tracking. Buckets serve as columns, categorizing tasks efficiently.

Create SharePoint Plan

To leverage Microsoft Planner in SharePoint, you first need to establish a Plan. Whether initiating a new Plan or working with an existing one, the creation process generates a Microsoft 365 group, seamlessly connecting collaboration across applications like Outlook, OneDrive, and OneNote. Your Plan offers diverse display modes, such as a board or chart, providing a clear overview of task statuses.

3 Ways to Add a Plan to a SharePoint Page

Option 1: Site Navigation Link

Simplify access to your Plan by adding a link in the Site Navigation. This user-friendly option automatically generates the Plan’s URL, eliminating the need to manually input it. Refer to our detailed guide for step-by-step instructions on this convenient technique.

Plan to a SharePoint page using URL

Option 2: Embedding with Planner Web Part

For a more immersive experience, embed the Plan directly onto a SharePoint page using the Planner Web Part. This option enhances visibility and accessibility, making it easy for team members to interact with the Plan seamlessly. Planner to SharePoint page

Option 3: New Drop-down Integration

An alternative and effective method involves using the New Drop-down menu to add a Plan to a SharePoint page. This option results in the Plan occupying the entire screen, with a link conveniently added to the left-hand-side site navigation.

Steps to Add a Plan Using the New Drop-down:
  1. From the Main Homepage, click New > Plan. Planner to SharePoint page
  2. If creating a new plan, enter its name. If using an existing plan, select “Use an existing plan” and choose from the drop-down. Planner to SharePoint page
  3. Ensure the “Show in site navigation” box is checked. Planner to SharePoint page
  4. Click “Create,” and your Plan will be added to the site with a full-width page layout, along with a link on the left. Planner to SharePoint page


Experience the seamless functionality of the new Planner App by Microsoft, offering a user-friendly way to create plans linked to either an existing modern SharePoint site or utilize an established one. This innovative app presents a full-page interface, allowing users to engage with a Planner Plan effortlessly, all within the modern SharePoint site.

Setting up this feature is a breeze with the straightforward steps outlined above! Should you encounter any challenges in configuring the SharePoint planner within your environment, worry not – we’re just a few clicks away. Reach out to us our team of SharePoint Consultants stands ready to assist you promptly.

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