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How To Create a SharePoint Site

How To Create a SharePoint Site: A Step-by-Step Guide

16 October 2023

SharePoint Migration

In the fast-paced world of modern business and collaboration, creating an organized and efficient online workspace is crucial. SharePoint, a powerful platform developed by Microsoft, is the go-to solution for many organizations seeking a centralized hub for document management, team collaboration, and seamless communication.

If you’re new to SharePoint and wondering how to get started, you’re in the right place. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of creating a SharePoint site. Whether you’re an IT professional, a business owner, or an enthusiastic team leader, understanding how to create a SharePoint site can empower you to streamline your work processes, enhance team productivity, and make the most out of this versatile tool.

What is SharePoint? 

SharePoint is a versatile platform developed by Microsoft, aimed at facilitating collaboration, document management, and workflow automation within organizations. It acts as a centralized system for storing, organizing, and sharing documents securely across teams. With features like real-time collaboration, customizable workflows, and integration with Microsoft Office tools, SharePoint boosts productivity and teamwork.

It also allows organizations to create customized intranet and extranet portals for efficient information dissemination. Overall, SharePoint is a powerful solution for streamlining processes, improving communication, and driving productivity within businesses.

Permissions Required to Create a SharePoint Site

In the realm of SharePoint, the permissions required to create a SharePoint site may vary based on the version you are using.

In SharePoint Online, by default, all users possess the ability to create new sites. However, administrators hold the power to limit this privilege. If the standard user steps for creating a site do not work for you, it’s advisable to reach out to your SharePoint or Global administrator(s) within your Office 365 organization. They can provide clarity on your organization’s specific governance policies and permissions regarding site creation.

Conversely, in SharePoint Server on-premises, to initiate the creation of a new collection, you need to be a member of the Farm Administrators group within Central Administration. This group membership is crucial to manage and oversee site collections effectively on the on-premises SharePoint platform.

Here is the step-by-step guide to create a site in SharePoint.

Creating a SharePoint site involves a series of steps, and the process can vary slightly depending on the version of SharePoint you’re using. Below, I’ll outline the general steps to create a SharePoint site in SharePoint Online, which is part of Microsoft 365.

Step 1: Access SharePoint

  • Open a web browser and navigate to the Microsoft 365 portal (
  • Sign in with your Microsoft 365 account credentials (if not already signed in).

Step 2: Navigate to SharePoint Home

  • Click on the “App launcher” (waffle icon) in the top left corner of the Microsoft 365 portal. How To Create a SharePoint Site
  • In the app launcher, click on “SharePoint” to access SharePoint Home. How To Create a SharePoint Site

Step 3: Create a New SharePoint Site

  • In SharePoint Home, you will see a list of your frequently visited sites and recent activities. To create a new site, click on the “+ Create site” button. How To Create a SharePoint Site
  • You will be presented with a choice of site templates. Common options include Team site, Communication site, or others depending on your needs. How To Create a SharePoint Site
  • Choose the appropriate template for your site’s purpose. How To Create a SharePoint Site
  • After choosing the appropriate template. A Preview of the chosen template will be seen
  • Then “Click” on Use template How To Create a SharePoint Site

Step 4: Fill in the required information for your site:

  • Site name: Give your site a descriptive name.
  • Site description: Provide a brief description of the site’s purpose.
  • Click “Next” to continue. How To Create a SharePoint Site
  • Privacy settings: Choose whether your site should be public (everyone can access) or private (restricted access).
  • Click “Create” to continue. How To Create a SharePoint Site

Step 5: Configure Site Settings

  • Depending on the template you selected, you may have additional options to configure site settings. These can include choosing a site owner, setting permissions, and selecting navigation options. Fill in these details as needed.
  • Click “Finish” or “Create” to create your SharePoint site. How To Create a SharePoint Site

Step 6: Access and Customize Your Site

  • Your new SharePoint site is now created. You can access it by clicking on its name in SharePoint Home.
  • Once on your site, you can customize it further by adding document libraries, lists, pages, and other SharePoint components based on your requirements. How To Create a SharePoint Site

That’s it! You’ve successfully created a SharePoint site and can now start collaborating, sharing documents, and customizing it to meet your team or organization’s needs.

Remember that the exact steps and options may vary slightly based on your SharePoint version, so consult your documentation for specific details if you’re using an on-premises version or a different edition.


Creating a SharePoint site is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance collaboration and organization within your team or organization. By following the step-by-step guide outlined above, you can set up a SharePoint site with ease.

If you encounter any difficulties or require further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for expert guidance on “How To Create a SharePoint Site.” We’re here to help you make the most of this powerful tool for streamlined information sharing and teamwork.

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