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Financial services cloud from Microsoft

Financial Services Cloud from Microsoft:

13 Dec 2021

financial services cloud

Any financial services cloud is set to support aspects of finance solutions related to banking, capital markets, insurance, and wealth management with especially easing the process for financial advisors and bankers to enhance client servicing and fine-tune their sales strategies.

But Microsoft sounds a bit different in this case, as it is known as the technology giant that provides productivity tools, cloud solutions, content management systems, etc., it is nowhere with a cloud solution for financial service providers to help digitalize the processes.

Microsoft Financial Cloud Services integrates entire cloud services offered from Microsoft (Microsoft Azure, M365, D365, and Power Platform) to provide an industry-specific cloud solution that enhances end to end processes involved in the banking sector:

  1. Employee onboarding
  2. Customer engagement
  3. Integrating front and back-office functions
  4. Customer onboarding
  5. Unifying customer profiles
  6. Avoiding fraudulent activities
  7. Analytics for clients’ insights
  8. Automating processes

Microsoft FCS is expected to fulfill the demands for digital solutions in finance sectors with Security, compliance, and interoperability to handle financial crime or cyber-crime activities. Core features involved in the FCS are said to deliver differentiated experiences, improve employee experience, boost security and compliance to help organizations stay ahead in the journey of digital transformation.

Virgin Monkey UK – being the early adopter of this solution stated – “We always thrive to innovate and deliver world-class customer experience, and we have seen Microsoft cloud for financial services accelerating journey of digitization with an enhanced customer and employee experience, which will help us grow in scale.

And the top service partners adopting this new offering includes
  1. Accenture
  2. Avanade
  3. Avtex
  4. Capgemini
  5. EY
  6. KPMG

Reasons behind the buzz around Microsoft Financial Services Cloud (FCS) is its capability to completely digitize organization, automate workflows, build apps, secure remote access, and security compliances. Combined features of office 365, Azure, Teams, Microsoft 365 helps banking sectors to empower employee experience by enabling them to access, edit, and share documents remotely in a secured environment.

Adding features from Microsoft like – Microsoft Viva for employee experience, Windows 365, or cloud windows, etc., will amplify employee digital experience by providing them the right tools with the right knowledge management systems to make them use solutions in an effective way.

The financial services cloud from Microsoft is finally a one-stop solution for all of the needs in banking and finance sectors to embrace cloud transformation, boost customer digital experience, enhance employee remote work experience, be more secure, and experience technology.

Looking to adopt financial cloud solutions for your business? Contact us as the Microsoft cloud service provider and gold partner we will always be on your back to support you through the technology updates and new solutions.

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