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benefits of digital workplace

Benefits of a well Defined Valo Digital Workplace Solution

05 May 2021

Digital workplace benefits

The digital workplace has become a buzzword in the industry due to its ability to combine SaaS applications and provide a central place to locate and manage all the tasks. One such digital workplace provider is Valo – Valo in combination with Microsoft Office 365 will be a sure replacement for your physical office.

When we started listing the benefits of the digital workplace that make all our solution seekers find some of their pain points we found:

  • ROI – Return on Investment, which every decision-maker thinks of. Here we keep it simple and straight. A digital workplace makes you work from a central place where each document, file, data, etc., will be stored and managed from a single location. Hence, reducing employees’ back and forth time in resource finding and managing is a negligible change making all Valo embracers increase productivity hours and employee work efficiency.
  • Flexible: A well-defined digital workplace benefits your organization by bringing flexibility into the process by which employees can access and work from remote locations at their convenient time resulting in work-life balance and improved productivity.
  • Communication and collaboration: Valo with Office 365 provides a social intranet that enables collaboration between employees and encourages them to share ideas and thoughts on the projects that bridge the communication and collaboration barriers making you achieve successful team collaboration virtually.
  • Employee management: Employee management is hindering the organization growth since we began remote working due to pandemic and uncovered many challenges in employee engagement like hiring, training, retaining, finding better talents, etc., but with the digital workplace experience organizations can manage them with the combination of tools available for each task.
  • Combination of tools: With existing Office 365 organizations can take advantage to implement the Valo intranet for a secured digital workplace which provides them access to all of the Microsoft tools needed for digitalization. With office, 365 organizations can leverage Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Power Platform, Azure AD, etc., as their cloud solutions, and even they can migrate all of their data to the cloud and get digital transformation benefits with the help of proper modern workplace consultants.
  • Other benefits: As generally marked an enterprise can avail the usage of the digital workplace in enhancing the Employee experience, access global talents, encourage remote working, better technology update, revenue growth, more agile, etc.

Embracing a digital workplace is now much easier with Valo because of its ready-to-go intranet solutions which make you implement digital solutions in hours.

Are you looking for experienced Valo digital workplace solution providers? Then star knowledge is the better option, with niche talents providing user-defined solutions that can help you make your digital journey smooth and hassle-free. 

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