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Azure for healthcare

Healthcare technology transformation on Azure in 2022

28 JAN 2022Azure for healthcare

The Healthcare industry has been evolved enormously because of the recent pandemic. With the present healthcare facility, keeping a track of patients’ health, medicine, and equipment availability and providing a quality service has become a tedious task for many of the healthcare providers.

To cope up with the present situation & automate tedious tasks, industries must implement an innovative solution like Microsoft Azure solutions for healthcare to cater to the specific needs of the patients.

Microsoft released Azure API for FHIR in October 2019, and later it was renamed as Azure healthcare APIs used to help hospitals to maintain the data, get quality data insights, and provide personalized services to their patients quickly by adhering to the laws and policies of that region.

Transform Your healthcare industry using Azure.

Azure Healthcare Solutions,

  • Population Health Management: 

The majority of healthcare professionals use this tool to control and manage escalating costs. This tool helps to monitor and track patients’ data and helps to implement smart clinics that help to provide better care at a reduced operating cost. Hospitals can use this data to predict the length of patient’s hospital stay and use their resources on patients with the urgent requirement.

  • Azure Health Bots:

Bots can help hospital staff when there is an increase in the number of cases and less staff to answer the patient queries. AI-powered bots can provide the quick right response to the patients related to their questions about the symptoms of the disease, book appointments with doctors, collect patients’ information about their disease and help them find clinics nearby.

  • Azure API for FHIR:

Azure API for FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) helps to exchange the patient’s health information securely online, helps healthcare consultants to collect data, perform analytics, and make predictions on patients’ health problems.

  • Implementing IoT for healthcare:

Azure IoT solutions help healthcare organizations to provide smart solutions and provide the best service to patients effectively.

IoT helps to monitor patients’ health regularly by collecting the data collected from the medical wearables, gadgets, or from smartwatches that help to provide the required treatment to the patients.

IoT also helps to provide in-home care for aged or physically challenged people associated with various health ailments and provide care to these people at the right time.


Microsoft Azure for healthcare is helping hospitals to reimagine and redefine their process by providing various solutions to providing personalized care to the patients.

Implementing Azure solutions helped the health care industry to provide quality service to the patients without even compromising the privacy and security of the patients.

Looking to implement a tailored solution for your hospital needs? Feel free to contact us for customized azure solutions.

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