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Asset Tracking Features that makes Organizations Achieve ROA

14 Jan 2022

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Asset tracking is the way of monitoring assets in the organizations, and it is becoming more vital in industries now due to the increased loss and lowered return on assets because of lack of adequate tracking systems.

Asset tracking helps an organization in effectively tracking its IT assets by providing the ability to classify and verify them from the unique barcode stickers generated for each asset.

Along with asset tracking enterprises can handle moveable assets, assets in regulated industries, and inventory assets which assist organizations in tackling excessive stocks or stockouts.

To run an organization efficiently and efficiently tracking and management of assets is necessary, and implementing asset tracking helps you with:

  1. Meet high business standards
  2. Increases efficiency in the organization
  3. Enables cost optimization
  4. Reduced human errors
  5. Avoid asset thefts
  6. Utilization management
  7. Enables lifecycle tracking

Some of the asset tracking features that will make organizations achieve ROA over their assets are:

  1. QR code for tracking and verification
  2. Tagging asset utilization and assignment
  3. Updated asset status each time
  4. Ability to manage the lifecycle of assets
  5. Asset classification by type, location, and departments
  6. Printable stickers for each asset

It is now easy to track IT assets for organizations with the help of Microsoft 365 solutions, Microsoft asset tracking allows organizations to manage their assets in an easier fashion within their M365 eco-system, and tracking is made much easier now with the Microsoft Power Apps.

There are several use cases one can find in asset tracking systems that are meant for specific industry types and the most common use cases every business aspires for. Try the free version of the PowerApp AsseTrack today on your tenant.

Download link: 

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