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Windows based security management

Windows Based Security Management for a Cybersecurity Firm

17 Dec 2020

windows based security management

The Client

Global Cybersecurity solutions development firm.

The Need

The client is a startup owned by a large business conglomerate and had acquired some security domain products and wanted to enhance the capability of the product to match the market needs and focus on rising digitalization and cloud adoption.

With Internet security in mind and integrating cloud-based solutions, there was a need to merge legacy application to the cloud. The client was looking to use an asset management system where every IP device was treated as an asset with RBAC to secure each endpoint.

The Challenge

The Client had already acquired a solution that did not have options for the end-user to change the configuration on the fly. All the settings were one-time setup that was done during the implementation.

The client needed to allow the admin to configure and setup assets based on the user groups via a simple user interface and the same settings to be reflected to the user on the fly. The client also wanted the endpoint applications to get the updated settings from the server. The solution required the endpoint application sync with the backend server.

The system needed to build the interface across several platforms that the client was already working on. Star Knowledge stepped in to assist the customer to build the Windows client which was the stepping stone for all the other platforms as Windows would be the most commonly adopted platform and needed to design complete integrations, Over air updates on the client, connect to the multi-tunnel secure channel to ensure data integrity while in transit.

The client wanted this state-of-the-art property management system to be integrated with the existing tools and systems. They also requested several unique data filters and search features on the fly.

The Solution

Star Knowledge proposed to use web API to sync endpoints to the backend server and that would keep the settings up to date.

The solution involved exposing a secured Web API through which the endpoints reads the settings and sync up itself.

We were also able to set up asset visualization where the user can see the list of assets that are available.

Finally, the data that was transmitted and received via the WEB API was encrypted and was hosted on the SSH so that was no room for hackers to inject or intercept the configurations. The solution involved created a multi-tunnel setup to create secure channels for communication.

Additionally, the original solution had been facing hurdles with the Operation System types with 32 bit and 64-bit machines which needed to work uniformly. The system also had an air updates package installer setup that can setup the latest updates on the fly.

The Benefits Obtained

  • Secure sync of configurations.
  • Asset visualization on the fly.
  • Quick implementation.
  • Compatible with all platforms.
  • Endpoints development made simple.
  • Seamless deployment with Over air updates.

Technology Stack

  • C#
  • Windows WPF
  • .NET
  • Restful services

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