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Intranet for non profit organization

Valo Intranet Setup for Not-for-Profit Organization

12 July 2021

Valo Intranet for non profit organization

The Client

India-based NGO that works towards the betterment of the people with disabilities and specifically challenged.

The Need

The organization had licenses from Microsoft as part of its charity licenses. The organization wanted to have an ADA-compliant intranet that caters to their required standards. The intranet’s objective was to enable the entire organization a goto information access portal, timesheets management, update blogs, news Releases and CEO updates, policy updates, and management

The Challenge

The client was looking for a robust intranet solution (either a third party or on top of SharePoint) that was easy to manage, quick to deploy, meet the industry requirements, quick to adopt and update content as the organization was made of people who were non-technical individuals. Additionally, given that a few of their volunteers were color blind, had limited cognitive and vision capabilities, the solution was to be designed to cater to those specific challenges.


Given the nature of the client’s unique business requirements and challenges, Star Knowledge planned to have an information architecture and UX design guidelines defined working closely with the client’s team and setup design wireframes that were compliant with their business objectives.

Star Knowledge proposed to use Valo intranet on top of the OOTB SharePoint and designed a customized user experience that matched their wireframes. The client needed to manage their content quite easily which was achieved by Valo intranet features that made their experience quite seamless.

An array of web parts were setup with Valo including a custom theme, content creation and editing toolbox, flexible branding, mega menu, important messages, event management, search hub for content indexing and retrieval, surveys and polls, Our People, Classifieds, FAQs, and a Native Mobile Application for Android and iOS for people to stay connected on their devices with the latest updates.


  • End result was a custom intranet experience that suited their user experience expectations
  • The solution was quick to be deployed in a matter of few weeks with easy to adopt capabilities for its adopters and content creators
  • Several capabilities that were added on top of the existing feature list that was not available OOTB on SharePoint, made the experience quite rich.
  • Custom integrations with project management and timesheet tracking made the system a go-to portal for most of the activities done by the volunteers.
  • CEO updates and other major news releases were now supported on Native Mobile apps

Technology Stack

  • Office 365
  • SharePoint Online
  • Valo Intranet
  • User Experience Design
  • SPFX, Angular and NPM

Looking for similar solutions to handle your non-profit organization at a single location, contact us for the ready-to-go Valo intranet solutions that could be deployed in hours.

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