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Rebate management

Boost Your Rebate Management Process in Dynamics 365

28 NOV 2017

Rebate Management

Rebates are an indispensable piece of trading terms nowadays, rebates for both clients and vendors support faithfulness and volume purchases. At this point, rebate management programs are followed and overseen. Well, they can end up being an enormously gainful lever to empower customer growth. Vendor rebates enable organizations to better deal with their provider rebate programs via computerizing errands that are required so as to control, track, and claim rebates that are earned.

Here are the means by which you can enable and boost your Rebate management in Dynamics 365 (D365).

Be more exact with the Rebate you offer

Rebate management software can expand the profundity of your business agreement by offering an agreement custom-made to the client’s needs. You can include incorporations or avoidances depending on your business or client needs. You can also include considerations of items that are rebate driven or not relying upon your business or client needs. Or, on the other hand, factor rebate gatherings on various items or item gatherings, even crosswise over various eras.

Apply the Terms of an Exchange Agreement Amid the Requesting Procedure

With software like Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations for managing rebates, the terms of any exchange agreements related to the client are connected naturally without manually connecting the trade agreement. This implies your Sales team can make certain that every single appropriate incentive, discount, and rebates are connected and served against the agreements, and gives your clients the most ideal arrangement.

Go a Step Further and Ensure your Edges Previously Focusing on the Deal

Software that coordinates rebate management with  Dynamics 365 goes a step further. It enables you to survey the expected rebates and their effect on your edges previously the receipt is posted. Why is this imperative? On the off chance that a rebate has the potential for a negative effect on an item’s edges, you without a doubt need to think about d365 with power BI before you commit on the order. Because, Power BI implemented with D365 in rebate management gathers all the data of discounts, payments, customer rebates, customer loyalty, purchase history, etc., and make them into reports for successful data driven decision making.

The rebate functionality within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations is quite robust. It allows managing customer or vendor rebates by accruing an expense for rebates at the time a sale occurs. At the time of payment, you can process refund directly to a customer balance in the form of a credit note in Dynamics 365. Also, you can create a vendor balance that can be paid electronically or by cheque.

The Most Common Tasks of Rebate Programs You can Perform with Dynamics 365:

As a purchase manager, CFO, or accounting manager, the responsibilities with rebate management are huge. And Dynamics 365 ERP helps you make quick decisions with negotiations, agreements, and more.

  • Review details of rebate agreement
  • Identify orders that qualify for rebates, and generate rebate claims
  • Review and approve claims
  • Manage vendor prices and discounts
  • Manage inventory orders
  • Manage staff
  • Manage rebate processes, claims, and payment collections
  • Flexibility manage different types of vendor promotion programs
  • Improve cash flow forecasts

If you have any questions about the Rebate Management solutions and implementation guidelines in Dynamics 365 feel free to reach out to us.

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