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Microsoft Managed Support Solution

Microsoft Managed Support Solution for a Leading Consulting Firm

12 Feb 2024

Microsoft 365 consultation for US based Vaccine Manufacturing industry

The Client:

The client is a leading strategy, consulting, and management business.

The Need:

The client required a solution to strengthen their security posture, improve user support, and streamline IT operations to focus more on their core business activities.

The Challenge:

  • The challenges stemmed from inconsistent access controls, the complexity of managing remote and hybrid teams, operational inefficiencies in manual user management, a lack of security measures, and device management.
  • Additionally, the unavailability of their IT personnel to address user and Microsoft tickets exacerbated the situation.

The Solutions:

  • To address these challenges, a comprehensive solution was implemented.
  • A 16×5 managed support team was set up to ensure business continuity and support.
  • This team conducted a thorough assessment of the current setup, providing consultation on security setup, best practice recommendations, and implementation of Intune, Defender, and Sentinel. Additionally, a ticketing system was enabled, providing access to the helpdesk from Teams, email, and phone channels.

The Benefits:

  • The implemented solution yielded significant benefits for the client.
  • It strengthened their security posture, reducing data breach risks related to data, identity, and device security.
  • Compliance with industry regulations and standards was improved, while significant time and cost savings were achieved through helpdesk ticketing and a focused resolution approach.
  • The user experience was enhanced with better turnaround times, and the solution was scalable for future growth and technological advancements.

Technologies Used:

Key technologies utilized in the solution included Intune, Defender, Sentinel, and a ticketing system accessible via Teams, email, and phone channels.


The successful implementation of the helpdesk solution allowed the client to focus on their core business activities without being burdened by IT support operations, thus enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

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