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Microsoft 365 Managed Services

Microsoft Managed Support Solution for a Large HR Recruitment Company

16 Jan 2024

Microsoft 365 consultation for US based Vaccine Manufacturing industry

The Client:

The Client is a Large HR Recruitment and Staffing Business in US

The Need:

  • Despite being a substantial recruitment business, the client lacked a sizable team of IT engineers to support their day-to-day operations.
  • Their marketing team, in particular, required frequent training, support, and assistance with Intranet maintenance due to a lack of technical expertise.

The Challenge:

  • The client’s marketing team encountered difficulties in maintaining their Intranet due to a lack of technical knowledge.
  • With operations spanning across the US, India, UK, and Singapore, ensuring regular updates across teams posed a significant challenge.

The Solutions:

  • To address these challenges effectively, a tailored solution was implemented. A 16×5 helpdesk support team was set up specifically around SharePoint managed services.
  • This enabled the client’s marketing team to publish updates regularly across teams in different geographical locations.
  • Additionally, the solution enabled the client to evaluate workflow automations, including approvals, custom user experiences, and other out-of-the-box features of SharePoint Online.

The Benefits:

  • The implemented solution yielded numerous benefits for the client.
  • It empowered the marketing teams to stay coordinated, increase productivity, and focus on their primary tasks without the need to divert attention to learning SharePoint intricacies.
  • Moreover, business process automations, approvals with notifications, and alerts systems were implemented, ensuring that the client team’s stakeholders were promptly notified and connected.

Technologies Used:

The solution leveraged technologies such as SharePoint Online for Intranet maintenance and workflow automations.


  • By providing continuous support and accommodating on-demand requests, the solution enabled the client to improve productivity, collaboration, and data organization in a structured and seamless manner.
  • This allowed the teams to focus on their core roles without being burdened by technical complexities.

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