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eCommerce for a Large Electrical Components Supplier

eCommerce for a Large Electrical Components Supplier

16 Dec 2020

eCommerce for a Large Electrical Components Supplier-blog

The Client

eCommerce for large electrical supplies company

The Need

The client is an electrical supplies distributor who is engaged in wholesale trading and retailing a broad array of electrical components. The client wanted to build a robust e-commerce store to allow ease of trading of 100K+ electrical components that it was the authorized distributor for.

The client required a custom template and wanted to build the user interface similar to Amazon’s marketplace including custom layouts and navigation menu to offer state of the art interface for users.

The Challenge

The client needed customizations primarily to the look and feel of the marketplace to match the quality and layout styles of for the landing page and the inner pages. This required extensive design customizations for each of the pages.

The client also needed several custom modules to allow bulk ordering of components with bulk discounting models that are admin configurable for each product or category.

The client also had a requirement for a custom coupon-based discounting mechanism that would allow discounts and additional credits to be managed inside the e-wallet of the system. The client needed the below customizations:

1.Custom Theme and layout 2.e-Wallet system 3.Coupon Management to integrate with e-Wallet 4.Bulk discount configuration 5.Inventory Tracking

Additionally, the system needed to integrate the store with their warehouse management solution that allowed supply management of different components and logistics management

The Solution

Star Knowledge proposed build a custom theme on Magento 1.9 to offer users a superior experience for navigation, layout, custom banners and offers on the landing page for different product types and categories. In addition, the solution involved developing custom branding and design for all the product pages.

The solution involved building a configurable widget supporting the bulk discounting for each product or product category based on the admin setup and was configurable. The solution also required a custom coupon and discount management system that required cashback facilities in terms of credits that were added to the e-wallet that could be used for sub-sequent purchases.

Also, given the volume of the number of products, the client used to manage their existing inventory and supplies on a custom warehousing solution and the Magento marketplace based on demands had to invoke webhooks to trigger appropriate notifications on the supplies and demand. The system had credit card/ debit card, check based processing capabilities with receipt updates, Fedex shipping integration.  The solution is running on AWS.

Benefits obtained

  • Custom user experience similar to Amazon Marketplace
  • Custom modules for discounting, e-wallet and supply management
  • Running on the AWS cloud to allow client to manage scalability in the future based on the seasonal sales required.
  • Managed 100K+ products without any performance related issues

Technology Stack

  • Magento 1.9
  • MySQL
  • PHP 5.5
  • PHP Extensions
  • 3rd Party payment gateway
  • AWS

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