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Mobile Application

Cash Expense and Business Intelligence Solution

8 FEB 2018

Mobile Application


Established in early 90’s, the client is a multi-national telecommunications group offering voice and data communications products and services to individuals and businesses.  They are the largest subsidiary in the Group with 42 million subscribers and leading cellular telecommunications company of the country.  With vision of becoming leading telecommunications provider in emerging markets, hey have around 30000 employees who communicate in five official languages and represent 55 nationalities.

Clients concocted a thought

The Client wanted to build a mobile application which should be able to give the information about the cash expenses, its decline and approval, transaction history, leave approval and Graphical representation of KPI with attractive Dashboard


The challenge was to develop a native mobile application across all mobile platforms, which should support graphical representation of the KPI using a limited access to the services due to strict policy of the Company and also in an eclipse network environment

What we proposed

  • Star Knowledge Technical Team made use of Appcelerator Titanium for iOS and Android; Whereas Webworks was utilized for BlackBerry Platform
  • For Business Intelligence Solution Data store in form of OLAP Cubes was design and was connected to the Server
  • Web Services using .NET were developed to pull the Data from the data Store to be used on the Mobile Solution
  • The application was designed to work both Online & Offline
The key feature of the solution was the ability to raise
  • Multiple cash expenses
  • Expense were approved or declined by the manager
  • Preview of the transaction history
  • Graphical representation of KPI on different Mobile platforms

Results & benefits obtained

The key benefits realized by the Client as a result of the successful project include:
  • Mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android with the ability to raise new cash expense, approve or decline it
  • User was able to able to view his transaction history
  • User can apply for the leave and get sanctioned or decline
  • Graphical representation of different KPI including the grid view

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