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Software Development

Why Outsourcing Software Development Works for ISVs

1 APR 2019

Software Development

Developing and deploying innovative software products faster into the market is an Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) imperative in today’s competitive world. To accomplish this, you need a partner in software development who is well equipped with technology and long stretches of involvement and experience.

If any software development company is able to develop a software roadmap and release new versions earlier than strategic, it could pick up expressively in terms of market share and profits. However, budgets for software development are fixed and resources are limited. So, the only way ISVs can crash their software product development roadmap and launch newer versions faster is by outsourcing software product development activities.

There are many actions engaged in a typical product lifecycle, including product design and development, product redesigning / reengineering, migration, product support and maintenance, product execution, and testing. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can outsource one or more of these activities, to begin with, or they can outsource the complete gamut of projects related to a particular product.

The worldwide outsourcing market is rising every year and has huge trends. A study by Statista shows the global market size of outsourcing services. A graphical representation of a similar survey is given underneath:

Software Development This explains a clear picture that the outsourcing market is on a rising binge around the world. The IT industry also has many outsourcing projects as entrepreneurs choose outsourcing developers rather than hiring in-house staff. And as an outsourced product development company, we have helped several Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in setting up remote teams, outsourcing software development operations and achieve higher business results.

Let’s see why outsourcing is beneficial for ISVs

  • Access to a greater talent pool and the most recent technology

Outsourcing part of your project gives you access to an extensive area of the talented team. If you hire an expert and skillful team around the world, you can make the product development processes easier for you from reorganization the integration of your website to making effective designing and execution of projects. Therefore, your project can be completed quicker, saving budgets and expanding exactness.

  • Increased Focus on Core Business

Outsourcing software development enhances concentration on the establishment of other core business processes. It also doesn’t overwhelm your in-house employees with work that doesn’t coordinate their ability level, further enabling them to concentrate more on vital objectives in planning for the business.

  • Lower Cost

Outsourcing can cut expenses while reducing your remaining task at hand. An outsourced team may cost up to 70% less than the same team achieved in-house. You won’t need to make any upfront investment, which makes development projects much more good-looking.

  • Risk sharing

You may feel that outsourcing your project to an unfamiliar company involves greater risks to your business. In any case, a typical outsourcing group includes high-level experts who care about their reputation in the IT field and are pointed on continuous collaboration with the customer. This implies they not only take certain obligations regarding the outcome but also plan your outsourcing risk better.

  • Hassle-free partnership

When it comes to working on a business project, there are many things that you are typically stacked with – like how to watch out for advancement, how to abstain from misconception, and generally how to supply the talented team with all that it might require. You can also partner with offshore software developers or an outsourcing partner like us takes care of this.

  • Overwhelming results

With regards to online products, any outsourcing is keen on making a product that will turn out to be outstanding for its prosperity and quality. That is the reason such a partnership is even more engaging and perspective and may include not only building the product itself but also designing it from scratch, pivoting it whenever required, relaunching it, and doing a similar thing until the product will launch in the market.

Reasons to Outsource Software Product Development:

  • Cuts labor cost by 70%
  • No upfront investments
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Access to skilled software developers from around the globe
  • Higher flexibility of scaling team size up or down
  • Improved compliance and governance

Why outsource to Star knowledge?

Software product development is an intensive activity that requires a great deal of attention. It must address new opportunities, meet changing market demands, and increase customer expectations. Fulfilling these requests requires high versatility and adaptable strategies; custom software development with a partner like us is the only option that can satisfy these necessities.

Star Knowledge is innovative and dynamic software development, outsourcing, and consulting company. We have proven achievement and experience in building Dedicated Development Teams of various sizes for our universal clients. Our fundamental mission is to create productive nearshore and offshore software development teams acclimated to the client’s needs.

If you’re ready to accomplish your software development goals with more cost savings, control, potential, and project success, this is the ideal opportunity to discuss the benefits of working with us or if you want to learn more about how we can help you disrupt inefficiencies, enter new markets, and grow faster, visit our website.

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