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How wearable devices helps to digitize healthcare

How Wearable Medical Devices helps to Digitize Healthcare

03 Feb 2022

how wearable devices digitize healthcare

Gone are those days when people used their wearables only to track time, now the integration of technology into wearable devices helps to digitize and transform the healthcare industries with its varied features.

With the arrival of smart wearable technologies, healthcare professionals will now be able to monitor and collect the patient’s information remotely and provide personalized treatment accordingly, with that these devices help to track the habits of the person and suggest to them the best practices to follow in their lifestyle.

Healthcare wearable devices are used to track body temperature, Blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, body movements, track calorie level, check heart rate, the activity of the muscles, and help to detect early signs of infection.

Some of the best examples of healthcare wearable devices are,
  1. Smart Skin Patches:

This is a small sticky patch that consists of electrical components such as sensors and actuators that helps to collect the patient data such as heart rate, body temperature, etc., and transfers that data to the healthcare professional through apps.

  1. Fitness trackers:

Fitness trackers are one of the simplest wearable healthcare technologies. These trackers are in the form of wrist bands which are equipped with sensors that helps to track the patient’s physical activity and heartbeat.

These wrist bands gather all the information about the user and provide recommendations on health and fitness.

Example: FitBit Flex
  1. ECG Monitors:

Wearable ECG monitors are one of the cutting-edge technologies that are helping doctors to measure the patient’s electrocardiograms or ECGs remotely.

  1. TeleREHAB:

TeleRehab is SaaS Solution, which is safe, secure, and HIPPA-certified software solution that helps the therapist to consult, diagnose, and help patients remotely.

This tele health solution allows therapist to connect with the patients more frequently in a convenient way which builds strong therapist-patient relationship by providing a quality service.

  1. Patient-PT Assist:

Patient-PT Assist is a HIPPA compliant IoT software solution helps frontline workers to manage patient’s rehabilitation and wellness program through Patient Therapy Program Life Cycle workflows, all the events, documentation are automatically monitored from onboarding the patient to discharge.

  1. Biosensors:

Biosensors are self-adhesive patches that collect the user’s information about their heart rate, respiration rate, and body temperature.

  1. Blood Pressure Monitors:

The first wearable blood pressure monitor was founded by Omron healthcare. These devices look like a smartwatch that monitors the user’s blood pressure and provides insights about the daily activities like distance travelled, calories burned, etc.,

  1. Therapeutic Medical devices:

Therapeutic devices are different from health monitoring devices. These devices gather and provide real-time information about the user’s therapy based on their disease, records progress on how they are recovering from their illness.

The best example is smart gloves which are used to help people who are struggling to control their hands. These gloves help these people to regain hand and arm movements through repeated hand and arm movements.


The demand for wearable healthcare technology is rising with the rise in demand to monitor the health of people remotely. With the help of this evolving technology, Medical Personnel now can monitor health and provide support to the patients remotely by maintaining the privacy of health data.

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