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Tips to manage Time zone Difference

5 Time Zone Tips for Offshore Software Development Teams

09 June 2022

Tips to manage timezone difference

In business, time management and meeting deadlines are critical. When working with offshore teams, it is important to be aware of time zones, especially for work related to the software development processes. India is one of the most popular destinations for outsourcing projects among all other countries. It is because of a variety of factors that the time zone difference works in its favor.

As it is evident that time zones differ widely throughout the world, several areas on the Asian continent are considered the best for offshore software development.

Statista conducted a poll on this topic, and around 10% of participants expressed dissatisfaction with time zone differences. In this article, we will go through some of the most important tips to help you manage time zone differences while working with offshore teams in software development.

  1. Hire a Competent Team

The first and most critical tip for managing time variations when dealing with offshore software development teams is to hire a competent team. Most often, the issue is not the number of offshore developers, but rather their expertise in the domain.

You can hire an offshore team in the best location but it’s not enough, you require staff with exceptional time management abilities. one who can work with little supervision. Employ trustworthy and competent software engineers that are self-motivated and can manage their time properly.

Do you need assistance expanding your engineering team? Consider Star Knowledge, which has over 12+ years of experience and can manage recruitment while you focus on growing your business.

  1. Make use of the Agile Methodology

The second tip for managing time differences is to use the Agile method. This is a framework for managing software development, which provides a way of dealing with time zone differences. You know 71% of businesses adopted Agile Methodology for their project.

The Agile method is a collection of tools and practices that enable teams to work together and expand their boundaries. It is especially useful in software development as it allows for constant feedback and adaptation.

You may, for example, break work into sprints and allocate them to various members of your team. Regular meetings, such as daily scrum calls, sprint planning, and retrospective meetings, can also be held to ensure that everyone in the team is aware of what needs to be done and who is in charge of it.

This enables them to work without waiting for clearance or assistance from a colleague in another time zone.

  1. Invest In Time-Zone Management Tools

Today many tools are available to assist in the efficient operation of any organization. Time zone management tools help businesses schedule and coordinate their meetings and events, ensuring that they don’t overlap and are performed at the desired time and place.

These tools reduce the need to reschedule meetings and can prevent costly delays when a meeting is missed, or a conflict arises.

Here are some useful tools for managing several time zone differences.

The time zone management platform. Spacetime helps you be more productive by helping you feel more energized and focused when you’re working in different time zones.

It’s designed to help you avoid the common time zone traps and harness, to increase your productivity and achieve your goals.

Spacetime is a free platform that lets you manage your time zones and the people in them and takes the guesswork out of shifting your time zone to work in different time zones.

  • World Clock Meeting Planner

This application is a comprehensive time zone management tool. It lets you view the time zone schedule for a given location and time zone. You can also create and manage your world clock meeting planner using the most accurate time zone data available.

The planner helps you manage time zones, track time zones around the world, and keep your meeting schedule on track. Simple, yet quite effective.

  • World Time Buddy

It is a simple but powerful time-zone-based time-management application. World time buddy allows you to keep track of the time zone schedule for a given location and time zone, keeping you on top of your schedule.

  1. Time Zone Visualization

The most effective technique to deal with time zone variations in offshore teams is to visualize time zone.

Because it’s simpler to manage your teams if you have a mental sense of their location or at the very least their time zone. It’s hard to remember that all of the time, however, most people post this information on the wall beside a map of the different time zones. On your smartphone, you may also utilize a picture or other visual reminder.

  1. Stick To a Single Channel for Information Exchange

The easiest way to manage time zone differences is to keep your interactions to a single channel. This will minimize the disruption caused by interruptions and the potential for errors. It will also help you avoid information overload and keep from information fatigue that can come from constantly switching between channels.

It is critical to use the same platforms for, information exchange, online meetings, project management, and so on. You and your team will have no issue keeping track of the changes and updates this way.

  1. Embrace flexibility

One of the benefits of accessing global talent is the ability to work with a diverse team of professionals. However, it’s important to be aware of the limitations that come with working with an offshore team. It’s essential to be flexible and adapt to these constraints to ensure smooth collaboration.

If your offshore team cannot attend a quick 10-minute meeting, it doesn’t mean you should avoid working with them. Instead, create a schedule that works for both parties. Plan ahead and schedule meetings a week in advance, allowing your offshore team to know when you are available for any necessary communication.

By embracing flexibility and adapting to the limitations that come with working with an offshore development team, you can foster a collaborative environment that benefits everyone involved.


To handle time zone differences with offshore teams you should ensure that you are in the same time zone as the offshore team. This ensures that the offshore team can communicate and work effectively. It also makes it easier for the offshore team to discuss important ideas and respond on time.

Also, you expect an effective development and delivery process if you follow these five tips and use a meeting planner across time zones.

If you are searching for an offshore development center needs provider for your business, feel free to contact us. We will help you to streamline your project priority and help with seamless execution.

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