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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation: Expand Team Successfully

13 June 2022

staff augmentation

Due to a shortage of technical talent on the team, businesses frequently struggle to accomplish project objectives (timely and quality delivery). Permanent staffing can be a time-consuming procedure, causing delivery delays. So, what are your options for dealing with the situation?

There is one option called “staff augmentation services.” You would be required to make a wise decision using the best recruiting model. Many IT firms attain their objectives in less time and money nowadays by using the IT staff augmentation model.

But what is staff augmentation? How does it work? And what are its benefits of team augmentation? If you have this kind of question, then you’ve come to the proper place. In this article, we’ll go through what it is, how it works, and its benefits.

What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing model that adds new employees to an existing workforce to increase capacity and provide additional support to enable the organization to deliver on the needs of the project objectives. Simply put, a staff augmentation firm provides you with highly trained and talented individuals that assist you in accomplishing all of your project objectives.

The goal of outsourcing staff is to improve the performance of the existing team and maximize its potential by bringing in new people with complementary skills and strengths. This can be accomplished by a staff augmentation services provider. They will help your in-house development team by supplementing knowledge and skills on a contract basis.

To achieve their project requirements and timelines, many organizations are turning to outsource staff to hire industry experts. Employees and employers can work on a project-by-project basis using this strategy.

Staff Augmentation process flow 

To help you understand how it works, we’ve broken down the entire procedure into basic steps below:
  1. Determine your needs 

The first step is to identify the requirements of your business at hand and determine the most appropriate candidates among those who meet those requirements. It involves obtaining the background, education, years of experience, and skills of the candidate

  1. Search and Review

Once you’ve determined the type of candidates you’re looking for, with the information about your requirements in hand, the next step is to look for a staff augmentation provider that will carry out the task on your behalf.

  1. Integrating the new team members

The next step in this process is to integrate new employees into your business unit. It will take time for new team members to get to know one another and build a strong relationship. Even if they are specialists in their profession or skill set, they will want assistance in settling in and being comfortable with the new workplace.

  1. Continued Support

Continue to provide ongoing assistance to your new employees after integrating new team members. Allow for feedback to help you create a strong relationship among your augmented employees.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

  • Boosts the hiring process

Recruitment is a time-consuming procedure that might last months. specifically, when seeking applicants with exceptional and extraordinary talents. By taking advantage of the staff augmentation services in India, you can solve the problem of a recruitment crisis. A without trained workforce is prone to risk and may not be able to meet its targets. In such a scenario, This services help you to overcome such a situation by hiring trained professionals as per the requirements of the project.

Apart from this, when you are recruiting freshers from the market, it is likely that staff augmentation service providers also have a database of employees who can be hired and trained to develop the required skills. Furthermore, the dedicated team provider handles recruitments, candidate background checks, hiring, and payroll.

This is an excellent solution for a tech shortage. By the year 2030, it is anticipated that the global workforce will be short by 85.2 million. This will amount to $8.452 trillion in unrealized productivity in the United States alone.

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  • High level of flexibility

Team augmentation is crucial in offering flexibility especially for start-up IT. It is a basically flexible option that is perfect for firms that encounter regular fluctuations in demand. It is capable of resolving challenges such as controlling workload pressures. It involves hiring temporary employees to perform certain jobs or roles, which otherwise be filled by full-time employees. It provides you with the flexibility to work on projects of any scale.

  • Overcoming geological constraints

Staff augmentation is an extraordinary way of overcoming geological limitations and enhancing your work performance by allowing you to look for essential expertise in other countries without having to look for them yourself. It provides you with direct access to professionals who may not be available in your region.

  • Cost Savings

Cost-effectiveness is one of the most significant benefits of staff augmentation model. It allows companies to save money on the costs associated with hiring new employees. By bringing in additional employees to perform the same job function as existing employees, companies can reduce the number of staff members they need to pay, thus saving money.

For Example, If you hire people from Eastern Europe and Asia instead of the US or Western Europe, they will want lower compensation because their cost of living is lower.

Also, using team augmentation, operating costs are reduced because the additional staff does not require allowances, benefits, or a workspace. This saves the company money on operating costs and improves profitability.

  • Less legal complications

When Hiring staff involves a lot of documentation and legal obligations. This covers things like salaries, taxes, and employee benefits, among other things. But by taking staff augmentation services in India, the outsourcing company becomes acts as an employer to handle all of the mentioned legal duties and paperwork.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Hiring full-time employees is an option, but it’s costly and time-consuming. Onboarding new employees means you invest energy, money, and time in training them – and often, you don’t need them after the project is over.

Instead, staff augmentation allows your organization to include new experts in your team on a short-term basis. In the process, you circumvent many of the costs that come with benefits and salaries for internal employees, and you get the option of hiring on a per-project basis.

  • Increased Agility

Staff augmentation model benefits organizations with the ability to respond quickly to changes in the market and adapt to new technologies and trends. This increased agility allows organizations to stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant in an ever-changing market.

  • Improved Collaboration

It can lead to improved collaboration and cross-functional teamwork, as the augmentation team members bring a fresh perspective and new skills to the organization.


The various benefits of staff augmentation make it a great instrument for increasing flexibility and scalability so that businesses can respond to ever-changing market trends and internal changes. IT team augmentation model allow you to recruit workers from an outside agency on a project-by-project basis. When working on a software project, it’s a wonderful approach to fill the team’s efficiency. It provides various advantages to businesses, including cost savings, fewer legal complications, overcoming geological constraints, and boosts the hiring process and many more.

In any event, the staff augmentation model provides your businesses with a variety of options for increasing the productivity of your projects and internal teams.

If you operate an IT firm or a start-up and are searching for IT team augmentation services, please contact us. Star Knowledge to scale your software development operations Our expertise having vast industry Knowledge enables you to speed up delivery time, fill the resource gaps, and reduce cost. We help you find talents quickly and scale your team faster with our highly skilled developers.

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