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RPA in Healthcare

Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare | Healthcare

09 NOV 2021

RPA in Healthcare

RPA adoption in the healthcare sector is not widespread yet but is expected to reach 5bn USD by 2024. As Automation will replace all tedious healthcare procedures and tasks healthcare providers need to adopt suitable transformation needed in the current disruption.

Robotic process automation has transformed various industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, construction, etc., likewise, it is expected to revolutionize the healthcare sector soon.

RPA addresses several concerns related to healthcare such as,

  1. Storing and manipulating data
  2. Processes transaction
  3. Establishing communication between other digital systems
  4. Automate rule-based tasks
  5. Automate responses

CIOs are turning to robotic process automation due to its great potential to save money and time through effectively automating repetitive, routine, and tedious tasks that are error-prone and time-consuming.

RPA is an emerging technology and organizations need to understand its roles in a healthcare environment and which solutions to consider before implementing.

RPA healthcare use cases:

  1. Extract and optimize patients’ data
  2. Scheduling new patients’ appointment
  3. Simplifying cash flows and claim procedures
  4. Automated bill generation
  5. Automated discharge instructions and follow-up appointments
  6. Recording patients audit and report generation
  7. Managing healthcare workflows

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There are several benefits in implementing RPA in the healthcare organizations where the top industry experts recorded

  1. Reduced costs in revenue cycle
  2. Increased appointment turnouts
  3. Effective healthcare solutions
  4. Error-free documentation
  5. Enhanced patient experience
  6. Enhanced employee satisfaction

According to a survey from WHO – The global healthcare shortage could reach 12.9 million professionals by 2035.

While telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions have decreased the burden on the US healthcare sector and as an indication 6000% growth is recorded in telemedicine usage across the US region and hence wide adoption of Robotic Process Automation solutions in healthcare will bring efficiency in medical systems.

Every decision on implementing new things is often based on cost-saving & ROI and healthcare automation using RPA tools are expected to achieve payback within 12 months by boosting organizational efficiency.

A smarter version of hospitals tends to attract more businesses according to the future predictions, technological trends, and the pace of technology adoption from the people. According to Gartner, RPA adopters in healthcare industries are expected to increase by 50% while 20% of global digital conversations are expected to be handled by Artificial intelligence.

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